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A Mosque is a place of worship.

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THE MOSQUE A mosque is a place of worship, its name in Arabic is masjid it literally means 'a place o prostration' what this is meant that a mosque is anywhere a Muslim kneels down to prostrate him or herself in prayer, a prayer mat laid down at home or at the side of a road becomes a mosque 'place of prostration' In none Muslim countries it may be difficult to recognise mosque as they may be converted houses, fire stations etc. The only distinguishing feature you might see is a notice board with the mosque's information and name, but you will probably see the external features like a doomed roof and a minaret. * Some elaborate mosques have many domes and minaret. A minaret is a tall slender tower where the call to prayer 'five times a day' comes from this call reaches out to other buildings like an alarm clock reminding people that it is time for prayer. ...read more.


The Dome is built over the prayer hall the reason behind this is because in the prayer hall when the imam is doing the sermon etc it helps to amplify the human voice. The mosque itself has three uses for example a place of worship, an Islamic school or college, and a community centre its facilities must suit all these needs. > The prayer hall is the most important part of a mosque As you know a mosque is a 'place of prostration' the prayer is exactly used for this it is simply a large space for men to gather for their prayer. In hot countries outside there might just be a courtyard to pray instead of a prayer hall. The reason why there are no seats inside is because room is needed to go through the prayer movements; seats are only used for people who are disable to one side. The Namaz (prayer) is compulsory for Muslims. It is stated in the holy Qur'an: "O ye who believe! ...read more.


In large mosques the Mimbar may be very high with a small platform on top. Muslims will know that the Qiblah as all mosques have a Mihrab, which is an alcove in the wall. If Muslims face it when they pray, they will be facing in the direction of the ka'ba. It also serves the useful purpose of amplifying the voice of the imam who leads the prayers, facing in the correct direction the ka'ba, with his back to the rest of the worshippers. Decoration Mosques are usually decorated with intricate patterns; others are plain. In either case there will be NO PICTURES OR STATUES, because of the risk of idolatry and also Allah (s.w.t) forbids this. Islam teaches that Allah (s.w.t) is to great and no scenery or portrait should be made. Decorations on the walls of the mosques often take the form of beautiful writing calligraphy of passages from the holy Qur'an, which is the Islamic holy book which Muslims to be Allah (s.w.t)'s words ...read more.

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