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Charity Begins At Home

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"Charity Begins At Home" In the rich north there is still poverty in some areas despite its large wealth and economic system. In England in the late 80s there was a large amount of unemployment after England's main economy the mines were closed down leaving thousands of people unemployed and it could have led to a large rise in poverty in the country but with the support system of benefits people were able to continue living reasonably comfortably and eventually, in most cases, they were able to get re-training and find new employment. ...read more.


Fair trade foods help farmers in the poor south while organic foods help farmers in the country they are bought in. I personally believe that buying organic is a better option due to the fact that when buying fair- trade food it would have had to have crossed the length of the world to get there which would of helped people in the poor south very little as it would increase emissions and environmental matters hit third world country's harder than the first world. ...read more.


At the moment leading governments don't care enough for either their own or third world countries and so the way things are going poverty will increase in the north and the south as it seems that the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. So they should try and help support democratic and non corrupt governments in third world countries and work closely with them whilst at the same time keep a focus on decreasing poverty in there own countries. Owen Taylor M9 Owen Taylor Page 1 12/19/2007 ...read more.

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