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A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place for a religious reason. A pilgrimage may be one person or a whole community travelling to perform a ritual together at a holy place.

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R.E. Pilgrimage Coursework A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place for a religious reason. A pilgrimage may be one person or a whole community travelling to perform a ritual together at a holy place. The important thing is that it is a journey to a religious place. It is not obligatory to go on a pilgrimage unlike other religions but it has been important to the Catholic Church for many centuries. It is said that life is like a pilgrimage as people move through time from birth to death. We move along, and learn new things along the way. Going on religious pilgrimages helps people in their spiritual life. People go on pilgrimages because: - To seek God's forgiveness, or to seek penance for a particular saint that haunts them - To obtain a favour for themselves; to be cured of an illness, to achieve success, to overcome a difficulty in their life and so on - To seek special help for a friend or family member, who is having a difficult time in their life - To thank God for a blessing that they have received from him - To fulfil a promise made to God - To become more aware of God, and become more close to him A pilgrimage centre is a place where: - A vision of someone important has occurred - A relic of a saint is kept - It is connected with important events in the life of ...read more.


During the pilgrimage, there are Special Masses, candlelit processions in the dark and many youth activities. Many young people come to Lourdes, often to help the sick seeking a cure. When coming to Lourdes many people visit: - The mill where St Bernadette was born - The prison where her family were kept - The spring where they will drink or bathe in the water - They will walk the Stations of the Cross, above the grotto - The chapel built on the rock of the grotto During these activities the special Lourdes hymn will be sung: " Immaculate Mary' our Hearts on fire. That Title so wondrous fills All our desire. Ave, ave, ave Maria" Many people go to Lourdes to get healed from an illness that they have. Many who hope to be healed, and are not, say that going to Lourdes have helped them to cope with their illness better and are now stronger in mind and can accept the illness Another example of a pilgrimage centre is Fatima Fatima, in West Portugal, is another important place of pilgrimage. This is where the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have appeared six times to three Shepard children, known as the 'The Three Seers'. She promised to them that Heaven would grant peace to the entire world if her requests for prayer, reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed. ...read more.


Pilgrimages in the past were thought of an important part in their religious life, it's the same now but not many people feel that way. People think we'll go on a holiday to this place e.g. south France and while we are there we'll go to this place e.g. Lourdes because I've heard all this stuff about it. This holiday vibe isn't helped by the commercialisation of area, town around the pilgrimage centre, although the main centre its self is untouched, the places leading up to the centre are usually full of little market stalls and shops that sell tacky gifts. Some stalls will sell souvenirs or objects which have relevance to religion and will help them in their lives e.g. rosaries, pictures of religious figures etc but many are just there to be sold as souvenirs of materialistic value such as rulers and t-shirts just to show people they have been to Lourdes. Many people will say, that although it is becoming a bit like a market most of the objects sold are statues and rosaries which will help to focus a person on religion and it is nice to have a few reminders of the places they have been to. It shouldn't affect the value of the place to the pilgrim because the centre of pilgrimage is left unspoilt; it's kept free from all these market stalls. Technically the pilgrim is there to visit the centre itself not to go shopping so it shouldn't distract people from what they are there for and reduce the value. ...read more.

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