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A Place of Muslim Worship

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A Place of Muslim Worship A Mosque is the place or building serving as a place of worship which Muslims use to pray and worship Allah. The Mosque is a very important part of Muslim worship. This is because the Islam religion places great importance on prayer and worshiping Allah. All Mosques differ in appearance and size. The main factor affecting the size of a Mosque is the religious majority of the country. For example, a person is not going to find many Mosques in a country like Zimbabwe because the majority of the country's citizens are Christian. There might of course be a few Mosques in the country but there would be very few of them. In Africa, one is most likely to find Muslim countries in the North of the continent. All traditional Mosques however, have basic features. I am now going to look at these: > Minbar This is the stand or platform used by the Imam to deliver a speech or sermon (known as the khutbah), during the Friday prayers (Salat-ul-Jumu'ah) > Mihrab This is a niche meant to show where the qiblah wall is. > Qiblah This is the wall showing the direction of Makkah Note: Sometimes Muslims use compasses to find the direction of Makkah when praying but this is usually when they are on journey. ...read more.


It is all right for the imam to earn a living from a job that has nothing to do with the mosque. The mosque needs an imam because he or she is supposed to be the one who helps the rest of the Muslim community. The imam is a teacher and is there to help the people because of his or her knowledge of the Qur'an, hadith and Arabic. He or she also gives religious advice and organise or even preside over some religious festivals. The imam also officiates naming of newly born children and marriages. Sometimes the mosque has a full time imam who is paid, or even two imams, this is especially done in large mosques. This could be because the buildings and activities would require a lot of attention, more than that which can be provided by one person. I think the imam is an important part of Islam worship. This is because the imam is involved in a lot of festivals and activities that really need him or her. The imam is the one who is chosen not to lead, but guide the Muslim community and without that person, it would be difficult for Muslims to stay on the right path religiously speaking. In the Islam religion, the mosque is not just a place of worship alone. ...read more.


Some people may disagree with me and say that worshipping in the mosque is very important and does make a person a good Muslim. However, I believe that such a person will only be looking at the actions that a person performs and regarding them to be of greater importance. If Allah is omnipotent, then surely wherever one prays, He will still hear him. I am not saying that it is all right for a person to decide that they will not go the Mosque for worship when there is no particular reason as to why they can't. It is good to go and worship with the rest of the community because that way, one can gain more knowledge about God and learn from the experiences of other Muslims. This is good as it could actually help a person be closer to Allah. To conclude, many other people and myself will agree that going to the Mosque is not what will make a good Muslim. The person's thoughts and feelings are what will really matter at the day of judgement when they are asked what they did in their lifetime. The worship of God is mostly about being honest and sincere to oneself, it no to be for anyone else but that single Muslim. Whenever possible, as much as possible, Muslims must go to the mosque, but this on its own is not what will get a person into the good graces of Allah. ...read more.

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