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A reply to an angry letter.

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HUMANITIES GCSE COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT A REPLY TO AN ANGRY LETTER Dear Editor, I have read your letter with great interest and astonishment. Whilst your views are debatable, I would like to reply to five particular points that I feel strongly about. May I begin with your first paragraph concerning the Jewish people and National Holocaust Day. The Jewish people were killed by the Nazis and that in itself is something really not to forget. Race hatred was at its height under Hitler's government in March 1933 when there was a general boycott of Jewish shops and enterprises. They continued to abuse and defame Jews in violent terms. The idea was that each race should remain 'pure' since Nazis believed that from the mixture of races resulted "not nations but ethnic chaos." The half million Jews in Germany in 1933 had been reduced by about 150,000. In 1942 only 255,000 remained and after Hitler seized Austria, the persecution was more brutal and pitiless. Many thousands were herded into prisons or camps. In Poland, under the Nazis they were to suffer more hideous cruelties. In total, approximately six million Jews died. Hardly an 'exaggeration' as you suggest in your letter. We must all learn from history, especially from events as terrible as this, that race hatred particularly from leaders in power cannot be tolerated and must be dealt with. ...read more.


United Nations did not come to their rescue as you suggested in your letter, not one piece of military equipment or one soldier arrived in Rwanda before the killings ended. United Nation troops and aid workers then arrived to help maintain order and restore basic services. On 19 July a new multi-ethnic government was formed, promising all refugees a safe return to Rwanda. But although the massacres are over, the genocide continues, and the search for justice has been a long and arduous one. We must not forget to learn from our mistakes. Most men were killed and the women raped and infected with aids. This leaves the children with no fathers and dying mothers, not enough adults to look after the children that are left. All of the children who were born to mothers with aids are now dying themselves. Setting up orphanages and medical help was just some of the concerns that our own country helped Comic Relief raise millions of pounds. Your comments concerning 'so called' race riots in Oldham. I cannot agree with your views on 'just letting off steam after a football match.' Surely, seeing your Uncle in Oldham cannot stand as factual evidence of no racism Or violence and can only be your opinion at that time. ...read more.


Many asylum seekers pass from one European country to another before applying for asylum. Although the European Union has been trying to harmonise its asylum procedures, there are still differences in the kind of reception an asylum seeker can expect. The reasons for going to a particular country are numerous - and range from money to language and cultural links. But asylum seekers are often accused of shopping around, and their applications for asylum are sometimes not considered on the grounds that they came through a "safe third country". The biggest groups came from Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran - all countries from which there may, in the eyes of EU governments, be legitimate reasons to flee. But only about a quarter of the asylum seekers were granted asylum status in 1999, the latest year for which there are figures. By the end of the last decade, there were still 200,000 asylum applications pending in EU countries, more than half of which were in the UK. I hope you have read this letter with a better understanding of the facts concerning your issues raised. We must all live together in this World and life is too short to be angry and intolerant towards others. Yours sincerely, 04/05/2007 GCSE COURSEWORK ...read more.

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