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A summary on 'A Modest Proposal' by Dr. Jonathan Swift.

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A summary on 'A Modest Proposal' by Dr. Jonathan Swift Paragraph 1 Dr. Swift starts this paragraph of as though it was some sort of essay or political document. It seems to him, as he travels the country of Ireland, that it's a place where woman are beggars with 3,4 or 6 children who prevent them from having a honest livelihood. Paragraph 2 Ireland was a mess and children made it even worse. If anyone could take on the job of finding a way of looking after the children was thought as a blessing by the public and deserved a statue of themselves. Paragraph 3 Jonathan was prepared to help out all of the children. They were born to parents who couldn't afford them. Paragraph 4 The mother could care for her child for the first year of its life. ...read more.


At 1yrs old people would eat the babies. Paragraph 10 Babies were thought of as cattle. Half of the baby population was killed for food and the other half were feed and looked after to breed more babies when they were older. Boys were only thought to be used to impregenent the women as only a few were needed; one male could impregnate 4 women. Swift didn't care about the women. Before the mother could sell, she must have made the baby plump for rich families dinner. Paragraph 11 28 pounds could be made from a baby. Paragraph 12 He is being sarcastic; saying England ruined Ireland the English depressed the Irish. Swift makes this comment on landlords- Landlords should have the first pick of the crop (babies) Catholics were big on Easter. They ate a lot of fish at lent and Easter. ...read more.


Also thought inconvenient were the handicapped. Swift's plan was working a treat, as all he really wanted was to achieve his scheme, which was to get rid of the Catholics. After the baby idea was set of Ireland became rich again.and didn't have to pay for their children anymore. All they had to do was make good food so the punters would come and buy it. Soon baby plumping became a competition to see whose baby was the fattest. Advantages of baby eating- no more domestic violence for men who feared they could kill the baby, which they needed for money. Exporting more meat and children were tastier than animals so less livestock was killed. Baby flesh was being bought for special occasions such as weddings. At the end we discovered that John was actually being good to his country because he wasn't able to benefit from this, as he's wife was too old to conceive and child was 9yrs old, too late to eat. ...read more.

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