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A very important issue in Death of a Salesman that is examined is where, if anywhere, is happiness to be found

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A very important issue in Death of a Salesman that is examined is where, if anywhere, is happiness to be found? This question is a very complex one indeed, yet there are many possible answers to this particular issue. This play shows a man seeking for happiness in many different ways, yet never satisfied. I believe that happiness can be found in honestly. Though there are many other questions that could be easily asked in regards to where happiness could be found in this play, I believe that honesty is one of the most important human character traits. Through examples of honestly, or lack there of from each Lohman family member, this character trait will be thoroughly examined in comparison with other respective answers to the question that I have proposed. Death of a Salesman shows a man seeking happiness, yet never satisfied. The end result of this unsatisfied life that main character Willy Lohman experienced was eventually death. If you the reader are thinking he experienced a pleasant and peaceful death, think again. This was not a natural death, but a death that made it all but certain that the blame would be squarely placed on no one but himself. He was deemed a coward by his own family as a result. ...read more.


When examining Death of a Salesman, the fact is that happiness as a matter of fact, is just non-existent. There are many ways that happiness could have been found through other methods or character traits such as truth. Each character in the Lohman family exercises a certain amount of untruthfulness, and this lacking character trait is only one of the many that deters the Lohman family from being happy. Willy lives in a dream-like reality, and as such he has turned his lack of accomplishing his life-long ambitions into such. Illusions are a major factor in this play, and each Lohman family member experiences it and performs along with it as well. Biff is untruthful about being a complete failure in his life not only to himself, but to the people that love him the most, his family. As far as Biff is concerned, his life practically ended when he played his last football game. He was unable to accomplish what he needed to move on and become a better person then he is. If he was honest with himself, he would have admitted to this problem, and he would have had a chance to change his life around earlier. Happy is the younger brother, and as such, he is jealous of Biff at times. ...read more.


If only a slight amount of love for one another was shown, Willy's life could have possibly been spared. We as human beings all look for that "secret" that Willy was seeking for, yet rarely do any of us find it. Most of us are never ultimately and completely happy in our lives. A sense of honesty with one another in the Lohman family would have given each one of them the chance to show not only happiness, but love for one another. What is unspoken will never be assured of being honest, and with honesty comes a sense of happiness in our lives with not only ourselves, but everyone around us as well. The question of "Where, if anywhere, is happiness to be found?" has been thoroughly answered using many examples from this play, as well as my own judgment. All of the answers and opinions that I have shared are very sufficient, yet the one very answer that explains the most why Willy Lohman and his family were unhappy was that happiness could have been found in Honesty. Honesty can bring a human being to experience so many different emotions such as truthfulness and love affection from the people that are closest to you. Unfortunately, at the end of this play, the death of this particular salesman was ultimately an accumulation of unhappiness, coupled with the lack of honesty, truth, money, and love that was all but inexistent. ...read more.

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