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A wedding ceremony is full of words, readings and actions that help assist a couple later on in the marriage.

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R.E Question A1 A wedding day is in someone's life the most important event. A wedding ceremony is full of words, readings and actions that help assist a couple later on in the marriage. Some people may see marriage as just a day of popularity, when in fact a marriage lasts for a lifetime. The Father, at the beginning of the ceremony welcomes the families and friends of the couple "You have come here to pledge your love before God, the Church... Priest, your friends and family". This is a sign that the whole congregation is behind the couple being united. In the future, this will help assist the couple because they would be able to turn to the whole congregation that was behind them for any guidance through the marriage. A Homily is read during the ceremony. The Priest will talk about the meaning of a Christian marriage. The dignity of married love and how this will help the couple to grow closer to God through each other is emphasised. The responsibilities of marriage are also mentioned "Strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage" The advice given to the couple will remind them of the teachings offered in Church. They will be able to reflect upon them and guide themselves through the marriage, therefore assisting the marriage. The three questions about marriage are asked "Are you ready freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other?." ...read more.


With acceptance from the family a marriage can survive. The exchange of wedding rings occurs. The rings are either Gold or Silver. This symbolises that the marriage is precious and practical. Precious because God's love is precious and practical because God works through the marriage to help it grow stronger. The ring is in form of a circular shape to symbolise that the Kingdom of God lasts forever, like marriage. This helps assist the couple, as the rings are a sign that the couple is united both in their eyes and each other. The register is signed for legal reasons, splitting all the couples' belongings in half. This assists the couple because they will become closer to their next of kin than they are to their family. The couple will leave the church together. This will assist the couple in future because a new life can be started open to having a new family. Marriage is a public affair because it is lived out in the local community. Marriage is a sign for the church because God is reflected in the love the husband and wife hold. Question A2 R.E Christians believe that marriage is a sacrament of "an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace". The outward nature is unravelled through the vows and the outward nature is highlighted through the covenant the couple makes. There are major expectations in a marriage. A permanent marriage lasts for a lifetime; in the eyes of the Catholic Church "No human being must separate what God has joined" (Mark 10:1-2). ...read more.


Marriages like this do not pose strong foundations and therefore cannot last a lifetime. Two becoming one in a marriage is repeated in Gospel highlighting the importance of the statement in marriage. Marriage is a mirror of God's love therefore an inspiration from God. This love is the same love from God because the couple is able to reproduce, as God created man and forgive others, as God forgave all our sins. A happy marriage basses its foundations on honesty, respect, support, guidance, faith and understanding. These qualities are those Jesus offered to us while on earth in the name of the Father. When a marriage is based on these qualities children, friends, family and strangers are influenced by the marriage. When strangers see the couple on the street, for example holding hands they will reflect upon a positive marriage. Children would, in the future consider marriage, as they will see all the advantages of marriage their parents possess. Families would support the marriage for life. The kingdom of God is built on stronger foundations through this influential behaviour to the community. In future, these people will also spread the kingdom, therefore "bearing fruit". The previous example of a marriage bought together by television lacked a strong foundation and therefore stood no chance of survival. God's love was not allowed to work through the couple, inspiring them to set a good example to the others. A couple should allow God's love to work through them bringing the couple closer together. All the major Christian teachings must be reflected upon in order for a marriage to survive disastrous events throughout. ...read more.

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