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A01 - Explain What Christians Believe About Their Responsibility For Other People

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Christians learn about their own responsibilities from the bible. The bible portraits what Christians should do for their fellow man. Jesus said and wrote two greats commandments. These are: * LOVE GOD; * LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR, LOVE YOURSELF. These are the most important commandments that Jesus lays out to the disciples, Christians and others too. They also learn about their responsibilities from the early church and the modern church teachings. They can learn their responsibilities from the modern church by going to church and listening to the priest and find out what they can do to help one another. It could simply be helping a brother or sister in something or helping a person of another race and taking care of them like in The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). ...read more.


Spread the word to everyone. Spread the word every Jew they see in the street. Offer services to parishes. All of these are some of their responsibilities. All Christians should be charitable and give some of their prized possessions up. When Christians here 'go help your neighbour' they think 'who is my neighbour?' Jesus, the early church, and the modern church explain this. But who is my neighbour? My neighbour is my fellow man. Whether it is a Jew or Hindu they are my entire neighbours. Just like in the Good Samaritan as I stated earlier. Everybody has responsibilities to others. As a member of the church the Christian is part of the family of God. We all have our own responsibilities to other members. ...read more.


They believe it is key because we need keep a good, strong partnership between countries so wars don't start and cause more poverty in the developing countries. The Anglican Church believes that Christians have responsibilities to respond to God's call to work for justice in the world, Christians have a responsibility to be at the forefront of moves to transform the world, rid all of its poverty and make it more just an equal place for all place. They believe this can be done through prayer and raising money just for the developing countries. In conclusion I think Christians have a responsibility to his fellow man and to help those in need. I think the people whop need the most help are those in the developing countries. Oliver Webster Coursework A01 Explain What Christians Believe About Page 1 Their Responsibility For Other People ...read more.

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