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A01 RE coursework-Churches

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AO1 R.E. Coursework


The first church I visited was a catholic church in Granville, Ohio called St. Edward the confessor.

Inside the church the first feature I saw was the altar. It was situated near the back of the church. It was a rectangular shape and supported by four pillars. It was mainly marble with small mosaic tiles on the front and a gold Lamb of God in the middle, front.

The next feature I saw was the Stations of the Cross which were situated along the sides and back of the church. They were pictures which had been placed in frames. One of the ones I photographed showed Jesus speaking to the holy women.

The next feature I saw was a statue of St. Edward the confessor. It was situated in the chapel at the back of the church. The statue shows St Edward sitting in a throne holding a church and was made of wood.

The next feature I saw was the pieta. This was also at the back of the church and had votive candles below it. The Pieta was made of marble and was a replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta at the Vatican.

The next feature I saw was the Crucifix. It was behind the altar, made of wood and showed Jesus being crucified.

The next feature I saw was the Tabernacle, which was situated in the chapel at the back of the church. The Tabernacle was made of gold and had various scenes from the Bible carved into it. It was a foot high and a foot wide and opened at the top.

The next feature I saw was the baptismal font, which was situated in the foyer of the church. It was round, made of marble and had the paschal candle next to it.

The paschal candle was in a gold candle stand, had the Greek Alpha and Omega letters and a Celtic cross on it.

The next feature I saw was the water stoup, which was a round clay bowl on a table in the foyer of the church.

The next feature I saw was the choir loft. It was raised at the back of the church and was accessible from the foyer.

The next feature I saw was the lectern. The lectern was to the left of the altar, was made of wood and was shaped like an eagle.

Outside the church a bell tower was visible. It was the shape of an octagon, protruded out of the top of the church and had a crucifix on the top.

I also saw, in the gardens outside, a statue of Mary with the baby Jesus. It was made of a marble material and was surrounded by flowers.

There was also a statue of the holy family, consisting of Mary, Jesus as a young child and Joseph. It was also in the gardens and made of marble.

The next church I visited was an Orthodox Church in Denison, Texas.

Inside the church the first feature I saw was a bookstore. It had books about the Orthodox religion, the bible, pictures and statues of Jesus and booklets on the services offered by the church.

The next feature I saw was the Iconostasis. It was a large screen at the back of the church which featured various saints and important religious figures, with Jesus at the top middle of the screen.

There were also two lecterns just in front of the screen. These were made of wood and were plain with a white cloth draped over them. They were moveable.

The next features I saw were the royal doors in the middle of the Iconostasis. These also had important religious Icons and saints carved into them. They were large and made of wood.

Behind the royal doors was the sanctuary. This is an area reserved for the clergy only.

In this sanctuary was the holy table where the priest performs communion during the service. It was draped in cloth and had a crucifix on top of it.

Behind this was the Bishops’ throne. A wooden chair right at the back of the church reserved for the Orthodox Bishops’.

There was also an orthodox graveyard outside although there was only one grave so far, as it is quite a new church.

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