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A02-For individual members of each denomination, explain how the beliefs and practices you have identified would affect their

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A02-For individual members of each denomination, explain how the beliefs and practices you have identified would affect their lives. In this part of the essay I will show how individual Christians live out what they have celebrated in mass. Many people go out and live the words of God. All Christians believe in certain laws and commandments of their religion e.g. "Love your neighbour as yourself". Anyone who counts themselves a member of the Catholic church, and takes part in the Eucharist, goes out and becomes responsible to contribute to the -Community life of the Church -Prayer for the whole Church -Fellowship of God's people -Action necessary to help the poor Catholics believe that they have a part of Jesus inside of them when they drink the wine and eat the bread at mass. This is because Jesus said to do it in memory of him, 1 Corinthians 11:23-25 "This is my body do this in memory of me" He took the cup and said "This cup is God's new covenant, sealed with my blood. ...read more.


He explains that all Christians are part of one body because they all share in the baptism of Jesus. All of this explains that Christians should live out what the Eucharist says because why go to mass if your not going to at least do some good to others. In this part of the essay I'm going to look at the lives of some Christians to explain how they try to live out what they celebrate in church. Firstly I'm going to begin with looking at a Catholic. My Grandmother Olga, believes strongly in the Eucharist. She has been brought up to have faith in God and to attend mass every Sunday. She now lives with my uncle (who moved in with her to take care of her) as my grandfather has recently died. She is very close with my mother, aunties and uncles, as we visit her often. When my grandfather passed away she was left alone to look after one of my cousins (my aunt is sick and can't take care of him) ...read more.


She does a lot for charity and does a lot of voluntary work. She puts her beliefs into practice and has raised her four children according to Christian Principles. She puts others before herself. Ms Buss used to work in a bank and then gradually moved on to helping young children to achieve their best in their school education. She does a lot to help out the church and anyone who just needs a helping hand. She will do things out of the goodness of her heart and shows what kind of woman she has chosen to be. I think that she is like my Grandma Olga because she too listens to people and councils them on what they should do. Ms Buss also raises money for charity and believes very much in being there for people. In conclusion, Baptists do pretty much the same things as a Catholic would do as they both learn mostly the same things in mass and so live out what God wants them to do. Both my examples show that they give their time to others besides themselves. These Christians believe in doing good in the world and continues to do so. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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