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Aboriginal Spirituality

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Religion Essay - Aboriginal The relationship between Aboriginal spatiality and the connection of the land is based upon the dreaming and the occupation of the land for 40,000 years. For a long time now aboriginal people have lived on the land and the inhabitants have been incorporated into their spirituality. The dreaming is the integral part of aboriginal religion and refers to events about the dreaming and ancestral beings formed within the land which also created life on the land. It is also important as it is the way the Aboriginal people express their way of life and their spirituality as the land is a link to the Dreaming. ...read more.


An Aboriginal person identity is directly linked to the land. This link allows understanding of the land and their totemic beliefs. Although there are a very diverse range of things associated with Aboriginal Spirituality the Dreaming is the concept which supports them all. The Dreaming is the underpinning of the different aspects of the Aboriginal way of life in society. The most important thing is that the Dreaming represents all the known facts about Aboriginal societies and it determines the relationships and responsibilities between the Aboriginal people. Connections between the Aboriginal people and the Dreaming identify the complex system of relationships and responsibilities between all people in a clan. ...read more.


It is impossible to talk about beliefs and spiritualities of these people without talking about the land. Through dance, song and stories aboriginals express there understanding about the land, and example of this is the rainbow serpent that formed the land. Through various forms of expression allow their beliefs to be articulated in a more diverse way. Examples of these follow: Stories contain details of the creation of various landforms, the positive and negative actions of ancestors and the sacredness of the land. Music and songs are used at ceremonies as the recall the stories of the dreaming. Songs connect aboriginal people with their personal and tribal dreaming. Rituals celebrate the aboriginal connection with the land e.g. corroborees. Lastly art is a map of the land and tracks the movement of the spirits across the land in the dreaming. ...read more.

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