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An abortion is an operation that is performed in a hospital or an abortion clinic. The operation is to abort the unborn child (fetus) from its mother's womb; this usually is done when the child is 6-12 weeks old. An abortion usually happens for a number of reasons, here are some. The relationship with the partner, personal issues, financial worries, unwanted child because of unprotected sex, rape handicapped child and rush to mother hood. An abortion can be performed either surgically or medically, Some abortions are not intended by the mother. A miscarriage is when a mother loses her baby through no fault of own, this is also carried out the same way as an abortion. There are many different types of abortion which include Vacuum Aspiration, Dilation and Curettage, Mifepristone or RU-486 and Methotrexate D&E. Even though Catholics are against abortion all together, not all types of abortion are deliberate. For example when a fetus dies inside its mother if it were to be left inside the mother it would kill her. ...read more.


That only counted for the majority of not serious cases. The view of the Protestant churches is that it is unwanted, but that it is acceptable in some circumstances, but those are not always clear but mainly again incest, rape and if the child were to be badly disabled and not have much of a life. Double effect is when a mother who is having a child has a serious illness (cancer etc) and if she were to have the baby it would kill the mother and might kill the baby. The Catholic Church agrees that if the birth of the baby would cause the mother to die it if wanted could be aborted. Contraception is birth control used for the prevention of pregnancy. There are many ways to try to prevent pregnancy when you are having sexual intercourse. Some are much more effective than others are. They include the use of hormone medications, contraceptive devices, periods of avoiding sex, and surgery. What follows is basic information on these methods. ...read more.


I think also to cut down the number of abortion and to get more people to listen to the church Catholics should provide more things to encourage people not to have abortions like to bring adoption into the spotlight. They should also teach people more abort abortion and more about birth control. We should listen to the church because if we do we could have a better after life, not get STD's (sexually transmitted diseases), not cause damage to our bodies, not break any of the Ten Commandments. Like thou shalt not commit adultery or murder and be able to save a lot of money using the natural method of contraception also if we do follow the church it could mean better after-life to determine weither we go to heaven or hell. We shouldn't listen to the church because women should be able to do what ever they want to their bodies. If we buy artificial contraception we won't have to wait for the women to become infertile and people can have an abortion if they became pregnant through rape or incest because they wouldn't want to give birth to a rapist's child. ...read more.

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