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Abortion…what is it? Abortion is difficult to define because everybody has a different opinion of what it is.

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A) i. Abortion...what is it? Abortion is difficult to define because everybody has a different opinion of what it is. In the Oxford of what it is. In the Oxford dictionary it defines it as: 'The premature expulsion of a foetus from the womb.' However, not all types of abortion are intended or artificial: Miscarriage is an unintended, natural form of abortion. The human body may expel a foetus that has died, for example. Or it can happen after a shock, (sometimes after rape), or a blow to the stomach. In any case, it is unintended. Medical termination can also be Unintended or indirect - in the case of an ectopic pregnancy or any other circumstance where the life of the mother is at risk. In these cases the abortion is foreseen, but unfortunately unavoidable, although the doctors will try to save the life of the mother and baby if this must happen. Intended medical termination happens when the mother wants to abort the foetus for one of a number of reasons, some of the most common of which are: Under-age pregnancy, When the baby will be handicapped, Pregnancy following rape and when the pregnancy was simply unplanned - which again has more reasons linked to it. Abortion can be achieved in a number of ways, I will mention the most common methods of abortion and describe them briefly: � Vacuum aspiration: The mouth of the uterus is enlarged and a vacuum tube is inserted with a cutting blade on the end. The foetus is sucked into a container - the blade cuts them into small pieces because the bones of the foetus are not yet calcified. � Dilatation and Curettage: The abortionist doctor uses a curette (loop shaped surgical knife) to cut up the foetus inside the uterus and remove it. The placenta is also scraped out. � Dilatation and Evacuation: A forceps is inserted into the uterus and used to twist the foetus' limbs off. ...read more.


You are told that he will die if you do not keep yourself connected to him for 9 months (term of pregnancy). The society of music lovers (pro-life) does not want you to unplug yourself (have an abortion), but you do have a choice... remember that you did not ask for this to happen to you.' What does this say? Well it says that it is perfectly justifiable to have an abortion in the case of pregnancy following rape or an unplanned pregnancy - because you did not want it to happen and the foetus is preventing you from going about your business as usual. Another interesting point of view is this, and it helps explain Ensoulment (The idea of an immortal soul being implanted into the material body of the foetus at a certain point in it's development, 46 days for boys, and 90 days for girls are the figures supported St. Augustine) and when it happens (from a Pro-Choice viewpoint). A Pro-Choice campaigner says this on the subject: 'Imagine that the owner (ovum) of a plot of land wants to build a home for his family (soul) to live in. All he has is a bunch of vague ideas and the resources to build the house. Along comes the architect (sperm). The architect puts the ideas of the owner and some of her own ideas down on paper as a set of blueprints (formation of zygote). The plot of land is provided (uterus) and the building work is started (nudation). But the house does not even resemble a home yet, and definitely not fit for the family to live in. Even as building work progresses, and the wiring and plumbing (central nervous system and internal organs) are added - no-one can live in it yet. Even when construction is nearly complete, it may look like a house, but it is not yet a home, because nobody has moved in yet - giving it an emptiness that can only be filled when the final touches are made and the family moves in (when the baby is born) ...read more.


and although Pro-life extremists and the Church (Catholic, Orthodox etc) will argue that all life is sacred... What Life? I call this a 'Frost -bitten leg" situation, I compare it to a frostbitten leg because: Imagine your leg gets frostbitten and it really should be amputated- it can't move and it can't serve a purpose anymore. You wouldn't say that you wanted it to say that you wanted it to stay and let it drop off on its own (if a leg was sentient) because it would suffer before it actually did drop off, and you, the bearer, would also suffer (in a pregnancy, you would suffer mentally), so it is an act of mercy. I apply a similar sort of comparison to the situation where an abortion must be performed to save the mother's life. I would say that it is comparable to a hospital accidentally replacing your heart with a clock. If you were Pro-life you might say "leave it there and see what happens," and you would die along with the clock, which would be buried with you. If you were sensible, you would have a proper heart put in immediately (have an abortion), and you would save your own life, but the clock would be left to rust in a 'medical waste' bin. I say that to save one life is better than to save none. I don't think that any Church denomination would agree exactly with my views. But the Methodist, American Baptist and The Presbyterian Church of America seem to share similar views. As for the statement, I agree with it to a certain extent, but not in the case of severe, severe handicap or when the mother will die. I am not really Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, I find the whole issue a bitter propaganda war, and if there was a scale which shows where I stand in this debate... Well, here it is: Nearer the pro-life end of the scale than to the pro-choice end, but fairly near the middle. _ ...read more.

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