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Abortion - a discussion on the debate and Christian teaching.

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Abortion - a discussion on the debate and Christian teaching By Chris Hughes Abortion is defined in the dictionary as "Premature expulsion of the fetus from the womb either done by operation or by medication" This definition is quite clear, abortion is when a woman ends her pregnancy because she does not want the child. Abortion is only legal in England, Scotland and Wales, it is not legal in Northern Ireland. There are two main standing positions on abortion Pro Life and Pro Choice. Pro Life is the name given to people who do not support abortion. They believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder. Pro Choice is the name given to that believe abortion should be legal and freely available. They believe that it is the mothers choice whether or not to have the child. Christians believe that life begins at conception and therefore an unborn child is a living being this is implied in Psalm 139 "When my bones were being formed...when I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there, you saw me before I was born" and in Luke 1:41-44 it is implied by the fact John the Baptist "jumped with gladness" in Elizabeth's womb. ...read more.


In this verse Jesus says that the kingdom of belongs to them, this would imply that children are important to God. Therefore he would not condone abortion. In general churches to not support abortion, the Presbyterian Church says "The scripture leaves us in no doubt that from his earliest days in the womb, the unborn child is fully human, a person made in the image of God". The section about a person being made in the image of God is particularly poignant, as they would believe that you should not kill something made in the image of God. The Catholic Church says "The direct and voluntary killing of an innocent human being is always gravely immoral." This shows that Catholic Church is defiantly against abortion and that they consider an unborn fetus a human being. The Anglican Church says "Christians reject the practice of induced abortion" And the Methodists Church says "The worth of the human race itself hinges on the reverence for human life" this means that every life should be treated with care and respect and that abortion would be wrong as it is destroying this human life. ...read more.


These children may not be healthy, but are certainly alive. And even before this point in the development of the fetus, we do not know enough to presume that the baby will feel no pain in the abortion process. I find it hard to comprehend how people can justify getting an abortion when there are alternatives. Fostering and adoption seem to be an ideal solution to the problem of an unwanted baby, and yet people would still rather kill the child. However there are instances in which an abortion could be seen as a viable option, such as when there is risk to the life of the mother. In my opinion this is the only instance in which killing a baby is justifiable, as it is the mothers right to choose to live. Some people try to look at it as if there was a difference between killing and murder. For example killing a solider at war and killing someone during an armed robbery. Obviously the latter of these is much more serious, but both involve taking a life that is not yours to take, this is the same principal that applies to abortion. ...read more.

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