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Abortion - a religious overview.

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Abortion Abortion means the termination of the life of a fetus. Most Muslims believe that abortion is a sin but is allowed if the mother's life is in danger. They believe this because life belongs to Allah and the shari'ah says the mother's life takes priority. Some Muslim lawyers teach that the fetus only receives its soul after 120 days. ...read more.


Roman Catholics and some Protestants believe that abortion is always wrong and should not be allowed (pro-life). They believe this because all life is holy and belongs to god, only god has the right to end a pregnancy, life begins at the moment of conception. Some people agree with abortion because it might be a risk to the mother's life if she has the child or the family may not be able to afford to have another child (family-planning). ...read more.


I think that the final decision should be up to the mother but she should take the fathers views in to consideration as well. If I had to advise some one I would most likely say, "it is your choice but do take in consideration all the consequences of your actions." And I would support that person all the way on the final decision. Carley-Jayne Ingledew 10W1 Miss Marques ...read more.

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