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Abortion and Euthanasia

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Coursework Skill AO1 Abortion and Euthanasia are two very different topics especially when viewed from a legal and social perspective. However, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, they are both very much the same as they both concern the premature end to a life, a life which is very sacred. Euthanasia is from the Greek words 'Eu' and 'Thanatos' combined to mean to 'die well'. It quite literally means 'a good death'. However, in everyday speech, it has come to mean the act of killing a person who is suffering from a terminal mental or physical illness. Presumably, euthanasia has been practised for centuries throughout many different cultures and Religions. ...read more.


Also death is not the end of life for a Christian and all life needs protecting. We can relate to this issue with the story of the sheep and goats. Jesus is within everyone. Therefore, if we help the vulnerable we are helping Jesus but if we ignore the vulnerable we are ignoring Jesus. From the bible we learn that Jesus helps the sick and dying. So maybe a Christian responsibility is to help the unborn child and the dying to live. We are all made in Gods image. Each person is a reflection of God and that makes everybody special. So we must keep those at the beginning and the end of life alive and well. ...read more.


So abortion is morally preferable to any available alternative. I t may be the Christian responsibility to allow abortion in some cases. Jesus helped those who needed help. Maybe it is the Christians responsibility to help the terminally ill, by allowing them to die and allowing helpless pregnant mothers to have an abortion. One of the beatitudes states, Happy are the merciful. It would be very Christian to show mercy to those who want to die or have an abortion. The Anglican Church believes that it is okay to kill the unborn child if the mother life or health is affected. A group called the Humanists who are non-Christians say that you should be able to end you life if you wish. Anthony Fairhurst 11 S ...read more.

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