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Abortion and Euthanasia

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Abortion and Euthanasia 1. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacred. Explain how this teaching influences its attitude to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view. Abortion Abortion is when a pregnancy is purposely, prematurely terminated. The operation itself is very simple and takes only twenty minutes, the foetus is removed from the wall of the mothers womb, quickly dies and the pregnancy is ended A woman may want an abortion for a number of different reasons. She may feel that having another child would be difficult as she may not be on a high enough income to look after another child adequately. She may also not wish to marry the father of the baby, this could happen if the pregnancy was an accident and if the mother is a teenager or she may have been raped. Different people have very different beliefs on whether abortion is right or wrong. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that deliberate procured abortion is always a serious sin. Catholics believe that life begins at conception and from that moment it is sacred and everybody should protect it. ...read more.


In America though babies can still be aborted up until birth. Euthanasia The word 'euthanasia' literally means 'gentle and easy death' but it has gradually become the term used for 'mercy killing' or 'assisted suicide'. There are two different types of euthanasia. Active euthanasia is when steps are taken to kill some one and passive euthanasia is when a treatment of some kind is withheld e.g. a life support machine turned off or a needed operation not performed. In 1936 there was a debate in the House of Lords about whether euthanasia should be legalised if the persons illness was incurable, fatal and painful, but this was rejected. There was another debate in 1969 on voluntary euthanasia, which would have allowed a person to express their wish for euthanasia in advance of an incurable and painful illness. EXIT, a voluntary euthanasia society believes in letting people decide when they wish to die should life become unbearable. Dying at their own request would allow them to die with a loved one, or a member of the society close to them and comforting them as they pass away. ...read more.


They may also argue that having the baby if it would be mentally or physically handicapped would give the baby a bad quality of life because it may not even be aware of its surroundings so may not be of any use to anyone in the world. I do not believe that the statement should be true when it comes to euthanasia. I think that if someone is in enough pain to want to die they must really want it and the doctors and nurses should respect the patients' wishes. People with diseases like motor neurone disease do not have the physical ability to kill themselves so they need someone to help them commit suicide. I think passive euthanasia is the best way, which is when someone is killed by removing some high tech. machinery or medication, this way nature is allowed to take its own course. I do not think that active or involuntary euthanasia are good options because these are actually taking steps to kill someone by injecting them with lethal fluids. Involuntary euthanasia is when someone is killed while they are in a coma or in a persistent vegetative state and will probably never regain consciousness. William Eardley Year 11 Religious Studies Coursework ...read more.

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