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Abortion and Euthanasia

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Abortion and Euthanasia Everyone from different countries around the world have various contrasting opinions about life. Some people believe that we are put on earth for a specific reason while others believe that 'God gave us life and only God can take it away'. Life is sacred and special to everyone around the world, it must be respected and protected from the moment of birth and to show our lord's gratitude we should all treat our life with great admiration. This phrase 'life is sacred' is what Jesus means about human beings being made in to the image of god, it also means that our existence on Earth is a gift from god. Lots of Christians consider that life is sacred as a true phrase; they believe that God sanctified human life by becoming human himself, therefore the way Jesus suffered without attempting to do anything to cut short his pain and suffering, shows that life is not to be ended except, when god decides. Pope Paul VI said 'human life is sacred, all men must recognize that fact'. The second Vatican council declared that 'life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception'. Human life is sacred and it has been since the beginning of time because it has and always will involve our lord, the creator. ...read more.


The Church of England states all foetus should be protected, but in some cases if it endangers the mother's life then abortion can be permitted. Also others like Methodist and Church of Scotland are of the same view, they do not permit abortion, and only in extreme cases do they allow it. In 1967 The Abortion Act was made legal, prior to this when it was illegal there were many back street abortions preformed and there were injuries and deaths as a result. The 1990 act states that abortion cannot take place after 24 weeks, unless again the mother's life is in danger. There are several groups out there who campaign endlessly for a change in the abortion law, they want to reduce the number of abortions or stop them for good. Their members are from Catholic and protestant religions and other religions, some of these groups are LIFE and SPUC, and these groups provide educational material for schools and churches. LIFE concentrates its efforts on providing counseling support for woman who are pregnant or at least think they are. While on the other hand SPUC use various campaigns and strike techniques to change the law of lobbying politicians. Both SPUC and LIFE provide good educational material for use in churches and schools around the world to prevent abortion. ...read more.


�If a young girl in this case a teenager gets pregnant she would not be able to be a supportive mother. �If the mother's health is at risk doctors may suggest an abortion as the only option. �If a couple are having marital problems one parent may not be able to cope with the responsibility of a child. �If the abortion law was made illegal lots of mothers would put there lives at risk by having private operations in backstreet clinics thus putting their lives in danger. �Abortion saves thousands of children from being unwanted and unloved in this world. Against Abortion These are some reasons to counter the argument for abortion against abortion. �Even in the womb the child has a right to survive. �Abortion can go wrong and lead to permanent scars or even death to the woman. �Unborn babies are unique and different to each one other they all have there own special personalities. �As in the way of Jesus he wanted society to improve as life goes on but by allowing abortion this is disobeying Jesus and taking the easy way out. �Lots of people believe it is murder to a helpless human being Religious reasons might consider the right thing do in a situation like this is not to have an abortion. �Abortion is discrimination against the weak. �If abortion is acceptable were do we draw the line. GIVE LIFE A CHANCE ...read more.

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