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Abortion and Euthanasia.

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Alex Oliver 11K Abortion and Euthanasia. 1. Abortion and euthanasia are probably the most controversial topics faced in the world today. There are many different views about these issues. Some people very strong believe in these, whereas some are completely against! This is often because of their religious beliefs. Human life is "sacred". It was a gift from God which has been abused by many people whether it being abortion or euthanasia. They both destroy life. Christian's believe in the 'sanctity of life' and that life should not be wasted as it was God's will to live life and to make the Kingdom of God appear on earth. Women are meant to be caring people who look after young children. So an abortion looks unfeminine, as they are killing a little child. But there are many different opinions about this. In this coursework, I will be looking at the different views of abortion and euthanasia and will end it with my own opinion of what I feel about it. Abortion is "Premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb either done by operation or by medication". The killing of the baby in the womb. Mostly all of Christianity are against the concept of abortion. ...read more.


The majority of all religions disapprove of euthanasia unlike abortion where there were some exceptions. It was completely looked down by. This is because they believe that everyone is a part of God. They are all a part of his heart, eyes, and also creation. Christian's believe that hospice movement is the alternative to euthanasia as it gives hope and loving care to the sufferers. They help to relieve pain, and also to help families and the patients face death in a good way. It is a good way to get over the very emotional stage in their lives. The only people who really oppose euthanasia is the sufferer. They would be in a great deal of pain and would want the end to come as soon as possible and they would like the choice of doing that. I think that everyone should have the right to how they wish to live their life. Although I should oppose euthanasia because of my religion, I know that if I was in a situation of being in a huge amount of pain, and knowing that I was not going to get any better, the one thing I would think about and want would be euthanasia. ...read more.


But if the foetus has no chance of life when being born, it would be fine to have an abortion because it would not be fair on the child because it would have something but be taken away straight away. The same for a disabled child because they would feel depressed and would hate life. "Thou shall no murder" One of the Ten Commandments. Christian's hear this and they know they causing a sin if this happened. They believe God created everything and when he wants to take it away, he can and he will. Whenever he wants, and that's how life is just meant to be. Dealing with euthanasia is the same, it isn't fair on those who's life is so full of pain and depression that there is no hope. But nobody is perfect, God made that happen. If he wanted some to be able to be killed, he would of mentioned it through maybe someone or a Ten Commandment. But he didn't. He wants to let his people live and when their life has ended, that is when they are set free, and are happy. Every Christian believes that they must respect life and not give away something so powerful that God had created for his earth. It is the sanctity of life. ...read more.

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