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Abortion and Euthanasia

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RE Coursework- Q2 Choose 1 or 2 of the following, abortion, euthanasia, contraception, and capital punishment. Explain how Christians would respond to the issues you have chosen. In your answer you should refer to different attitudes that Christians have to the selected issues as well as to the practical ways that Christians might offer support. For my coursework I have chosen to discuss abortion and euthanasia. I will be explaining how Christians respond to the both these topics, and their different attitudes they have towards both abortion and euthanasia. Also I will be explaining the practical ways that Christians might offer support. Abortion is the deliberate expulsion of the foetus from the womb. Roman Catholics believe this is wrong and is going against the 10th commandment "thou shall not kill". Also Catholics believe that life has begun at conception. This affects the attitude that a Catholic has on abortion, if they were to think it was right they would be going against what they are supposed to believe is right. ...read more.


Many denominations feel that an abortion should no take place anytime after 24 weeks, as it is now developing into a child. The practical ways, in which Christians may offer support, is by having websites, which offer advice and can allow people to read personally in the privacy of their own home. Charities are also there for people, such as, SPUC this a charity that campaigns to the parliament and it speaking the words that the unborn are saying, to try and help people save them, they are unable to speak and tell everyone they want to live, so SPUC is designed to act as the unborn child. Also there is LIFE, this charity is designed to offer support for those going through abortion or thinking about one, and will help and guide anyone through it. There are also books and phone numbers that are available too, this can help and guide a person. Euthanasia means killing someone painlessly to relieve suffering, especially from an incurable illness, it is often called Mercy killing. ...read more.


All Catholics believe that it is wrong and anyone who does it is going against what god would have wanted. The practical ways in which Catholics deal with euthanasia are hospices; a hospice is a loving home to any suffering person, who is terminally ill and will stay with the hospice till they die. All the doctors and nurses are there for there patients at all time, they will prepare them for death and make them unafraid, they will let them know that god will be with them right to the end. Also a person's family and friends can come and visit them, to make sure they are ok and they have everything they need. Just by being with a person who is terminally ill, its shows how much support and love a person has, this will lift their spirits and understand they are not alone. A person will always have someone to talk to if they have any problems, priests will come and visit and bless them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gemma Kirkbride ...read more.

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