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Abortion and Euthanasia

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RE coursework- Abortion and Euthanasia AO1 Christians hold a strong responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives there for abortion and euthanasia are very important issues. Roman Catholics believe that abortion which is killing an unborn child is wrong because they believe life starts at conception so someone who commits abortion is killing a life. Christians also believe in the parable of 'sheep's and goats' which means if someone kills a person or hurts a person it is killing Jesus and if life is harmed it is saving Jesus meaning Jesus is in everyone of us even in the unborn child and a person at the end of their life so committing abortion and euthanasia is against the Christian religion. In Mathew 4:23 "Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching....and healing every disease and sickness among the people" therefore we should help the unborn child and people suffering just like he did not resorting to abortion or euthanasia but to help the unborn child and look after the person at the end of their lives. Christian also believe "We were made in gods image" so everyone's life should be preserved even the unborn child Some might believe that life at the beginning and the end of life are not as important as life in the middle, but all life is ...read more.


And another problem for pregnant women is would they have enough money to support a child as it grows up another reason is if the mother's health is effected which can lead to the mother dieing and the child dieing as well. Also the mother may also be very young and may not hold the responsibility to look after a child or the mother is too old to give birth. Roman Catholics believe you should not have an abortion even if the mother or family is affected, but to help the mother and family through the ordeal rather than forgetting about them because of the saying "Should not be indifferent to sorrow and misery. A Christian should do what he can". Christians have a different response for euthanasia, all Christians believe euthanasia is wrong however in some cases some Christians may go against the church and say it would be more merciful to allow euthanasia. Tony Bland was crushed in the Hillsborough disaster. Tony had been put on a life support machine for 4 years till it was switched off by hiss parents consent. A priest said that they had gone against Christianity and committed euthanasia. But another priest said that they weren't because Tony was not showing any sign of improvement. ...read more.


It has wisdom that will never become outdated and will tell people what to do in everyday life. It is 4000years old and the worlds all time best seller. Christians base their rites on the bible and think it should be listened to. I disagree because the bible is old and in that day they never had situations were a pregnant women wanted to have an abortion so how can the bible give advice on how to tackle a way around on not having an abortion. Many believe that Christians should keep their opinions to themselves because they brainwash people in to believing the one thing. However pro life groups believe Christian do not brainwash people, but educate them. Christians speak for those who cannot speak for themselves such as the unborn child and terminally ill. I agree because the unborn child doesn't have the chance to make the decision to live. Many people believe Christians should be listened to because they make the world a better place. They say that Christians do this because it is right not because they will receive a reward on earth." I agree but I think some issues Christians tell our not the right way for instance in South Africa some women suffer from aids because of Christians saying they cant use artificial contraceptive to stop getting aids so women and children die, which is not the right way so Christians should allow artificial contraceptives. ...read more.

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