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'Abortion and Euthanasia' - Faced with the issues you have chosen, explain different ways Christians might respond

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AO2 - 'Abortion and Euthanasia' - Faced with the issues you have chosen, explain different ways Christians might respond Different Christians have different viewpoints on the issues of Abortion and Euthanasia. The Church of England states that life is god given and is to be; 'Nurtured, supported and protected.' It views ending a human life at the beginning or end as; 'A great moral evil.' Also they have stated a case for 'The rights of humans to be valued.' This explains that people who are ill and vulnerable, people who need special care and the unborn should be treated as well as any other human being. However on the subject of abortion they believe that there were 'strictly limited conditions' that it can be preformed under like if the woman could die during child birth or if the pregnancy was the result of a rape etc. Anglicans and Methodists believe that life does not begin until the baby has a chance of living independently from its mother. ...read more.


They give them emotional support as well as options on how if they wish not to keep the child, like adoption. Whilst SPUC campaigns for the law for abortion to be changed, they hold rallies, raise petitions and are highly active in many political parties and trade unions. Euthanasia also is highly speculated as many Church teachings go against this form of death but there are many different organisations who disagree like EXIT. Exit argues that anyone suffering from a useless and painful existence should have the right to die on their own terms. The society argues that safeguards should be in place such as the ones already in place in Holland and Japan. EXIT believes that voluntary euthanasia can help a patients suffering by letting them die with dignity, if they wished to die doctors would not go against their wishes and it can help to shorten the grief and suffering of the patient's loved ones. EXIT state that; 'An adult person suffering from a severe illness, for which no relief is known, should be entitled by law ...read more.


Many doctors who perform Euthanasia in the UK are charged with manslaughter or murder as it is not seen as a practical way of death here. Many people travel to Holland to end their lives but many with incurable diseases have made a full life for themselves like physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. He has motor neurone disease. Stephen Hawking has written a best seller 'A Brief History of Time' since he became paralysed by his condition. Many people accept euthanasia because they are afraid of the pain and loss of dignity with the result of a terminal illness. If the correct care is administered they would be catered for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The Hospice movement has removed the need to think about Euthanasia. Though palliative care, they can die in dignity and free from pain. The Hospice movement cares for terminally ill patients, who they try to help their through their last days in a loving and sympathetic environment so patients may die with dignity and a pain free solution. Euthanasia is seen as a denial of the sanctity of life and the dignity of the individual. ...read more.

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