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Abortion and Euthanasia - views from the Roman Catholic Church.

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Abortion and Euthanasia The Roman Catholic Church believes that human life is sacred. Explain how this teaching influences to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. The Roman Catholic Church believes that all life is a sacred gift from God, and that all life is worthy of respect. This means that all forms of murder are totally unacceptable, this includes abortion and euthanasia. Abortion is the intentional extermination of the foetus inside the mothers' womb. Christians believe that it is morally and socially wrong. Archbishop Sean Brady said once "human life has always been under attack. Poverty and hunger, sickness and disease, violence and war, murder and manslaughter have always menaced human existence. This is especially true where is weak and defenceless. Now life is being attacked at its beginning, through abortion". He says that God gave us life and therefore only he can have the power to take it away. As life is equal in his eyes and the "Church can not isolate the defence of unborn life from the defence of a human life." The Archbishop goes on to say " what I feel sums up the act of the abortionists. Gods commandment, 'thou shall not kill', unconditionally forbids all taking of an innocent life from its beginnings in the womb until the end that God, not man has set for it". Our Roman Catholic Church is the only major world religion to rule that abortion is absolutely unacceptable in all circumstances. Catholics have been taught that abortion is always morally evil. However there are many people whose attitudes towards abortion differs from those of their religion leaders. ...read more.


One being that a person who is old deserves the right of a dignified painless death. It is a basic human right to end your life. The Christian view on this subject is clear, that God is the author of life and that God likewise determines when and under what circumstances a life on earth is to be terminated. We believe that we are all here on this earth for a reason. This reason cannot be completely fulfilled if we don't live our life to the second the God calls us, not a doctor. The Care group Hospices tries to ensure that a dying person gets al the love and care that they need when they are ill. They are prayed for and the person and their family are given great comfort. They help the person to have courage. It is more dignifies to die with the care and prayers of people, than to take the easy way out with so called, mercy killing. The growth of euthanasia arises not only from the technology explosion, with methods of death being much more effective. It arises from the false belief that life can somehow be judged in terms of its quality, and if that quality is not apparent, then we humans have the right to terminate it. The church views this as murder, that life cannot be qualified. Whether we are rich or poor, successful, failures, healthy or handicapped, we are all very important in the eyes of God. We are made in his image. A terminally ill patient has the right and the duty to live as long as god wills, as does the doctor and relatives. ...read more.


If a person you love is dying in pain it is very hard to watch, but they need comfort to get through it, not to be 'relieved' from their pain by mercy killing. The Church views this as murder because one of the commandments states 'Thou shall not kill'. Even if the intentions of the people involved are easily justified, we have to remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There are many people who believe that this is not true, they think the person who is dying should have the right to die when they want, and a painless dignified death. The fact is that even if the person is suffering, being surrounded by friends and family can relieve this. Both the body and the spirit of the patient need care and love. In many cases, doctors wrongly predict when a person is going to die. Some people have been given two months to live and lived two years. In conclusion, the statement the 'God gives life and only God can take it away' is very true. It is the people with little faith in God who support abortion and euthanasia. This proves that when someone disagrees with God, then their moral standard and respect for life slowly disintegrate and they only think of themselves. There are many people who have recently been killed in the prime of their lives. This is wrong and shows how little value some people place on human life. This is just as wrong as abortion and euthanasia. Modern age place less value on life, regardless of the stage it may be at. As a Christian I believe that no matter what age, colour or religion, all life is sacred and worthy of respect. ...read more.

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