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Abortion and Euthenasia

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Over the years it has become more and more acceptable for a woman to have an abortion and for a person to have a "merciful death" via euthanasia. Some people say that this is every persons right. They can do what they wish with their own body. I am going to put forward different perspectives on this issue. The Church teaches us that all human life is sacred and that nobody has the right to take it away except for God. If God felt it right to give us life in the first place then it does seem a little ungrateful for us to take it away whenever we want. We should cherish our life on Earth. For this reason, the Church strongly opposes abortion and euthanasia. There are also other reasons which will be mentioned. Many people believe that life begins at birth and this is why they believe that abortion is accepted. If something is not alive then it shouldn't matter what happens to it. They believe that the foetus is not yet human and so it makes no difference if it is born or not. But, is there one certain point that the unborn child becomes human. ...read more.


It had no choice when it was conceived. It still has the right to life. The Church takes a pro-life stance in defence of the unborn child. Supporters of abortion claim to be pro-choice. The Church teaches that the right to life should not be dependent on what another person's choice may be. What kind of society would we live in, if we had the right to choose who should live or die. The Scottish and English Bishops say that they are against abortion but if the life of the child or the mother is endangered then and there is no way of saving both then, and only then, should the abortion go through. In May 1991, Pope John Paul II sent a letter to all Roman Catholic Bishops about the combating of abortion and euthanasia. Part of this read: "However serious and disturbing the phenomenon of the widespread destruction of so many human lives, either in the womb or in old age, no less serious and disturbing is the blunting of the moral sensitivity of people's consciences...... In order to break this vicious circle, it seems more urgent than ever that we should forcefully reaffirm our common teaching, based on sacred Scripture and tradition, with regard to the inviolability of innocent human life. ...read more.


And the total number of involuntary euthanasia deaths in 1990-91, which does not include cases of involuntary euthanasia of handicapped newborn babies, psychiatric patients or AID's patients, was 14691 which is 11.3% of all deaths in the country! Another reason that the Church opposes euthanasia is because God gives life, so therefore, only God can take it away. If someone went out on a mad killing spree, murdering hundreds of people, then he would be considered a maniac. But if people are killed because they are sick then it is seen as compassionate even though both cases are murder. No one has the right to take a life whether there will is good or not. In conclusion, I feel that both abortion and euthanasia are wrong but I feel that, although euthanasia is often carried out for compassionate reasons, abortions are often selfish! At the moment of conception, a unique individual is created and this individual should be cherished for the rest of its life. If a woman does not want to have a baby then she could always put it up for adoption and the likely hood is that when the woman has the baby she will want to keep it. Suffering patients should be helped using pain killers and other methods but they should not be killed. 2 ...read more.

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