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Abortion And Soul

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Sam Beezley 10FT November 2004 Abortion And Soul Introduction The issue of abortion Abortion is an important issue in today's society. As technology improves, it becomes easier to save premature babies, however it also becomes easier to get an abortion. There are so many different opinions on this subject, but ultimately each individual has to make their own mind up as to whether or not abortion is acceptable. The problem of abortion is not just restricted to the UK, the US, and other rich and powerful countries that have the technology to perform this practise. It is a worldwide problem. For example, in Ireland, abortion is strictly illegal so many Irish women find themselves coming to the UK just to have one. If not, they end up going to a back street abortion clinic where the equipment may be dirty or unsafe. Many countries don't even have this technology to safely abort a pregnancy, and some countries are very religious and so will only do what their Holy Book tells them. What are the statistics? Globally, around 46 million women have an abortion every year. 78 per cent of these live in developing countries, and 22 per cent live in developed countries. ...read more.


Also, even if a baby has a handicap, it doesn't mean to say that he/she wouldn't lead a happy life. What are the main viewpoints on abortion? There are many viewpoints on the subject of abortion, but views are generally categorised into 2 groups: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Below is a simple summary of what each group believes in terms of abortion. Pro-Life Life begins at the moment of conception. To take that life away is the same as murder. Pro-Choice A foetus only becomes human either later in pregnancy (i.e. 24 weeks when the baby becomes viable) or when it is actually born. The mother of the child makes the decision because it is her body and therefore her decision. She has control over what happens. What do people think of abortion? I went to Barking Town Centre and asked some people their view on abortion. I got a very mixed reply. Here is what a few people said: Allan said: "I only agree with abortion if the parents cannot financially support the baby or if the mother was raped. Otherwise it is wrong." Gary said: "My opinion is quite simple. I think that abortion is murder. It's as simple as that really. ...read more.


After those first 72 hours I believe that the pregnancy has begun and therefore, abortion is wrong. If, for whatever reason, the woman does not want that baby, then she could give it up for adoption so the baby can lead a happy life and at least be given a chance to live. However, I feel that the mother and father should have the right to choose what is right for them as well as their baby and if abortion appears to be the only way out, then I would not contest that opinion. Attitudes towards abortion are very different amongst different people in today's society. I think that abortion will remain a sensitive and controversial issue for years to come. Society has changed dramatically, with more atheists who have no holy book to tell them what to do with an unwanted baby, and an increase in technology, making abortion is such an easy thing to get. However, abortion remains a taboo subject in many places of the world, with many refusing to educate or be educated on the subject. In places that still don't have the technology, or where abortion is illegal, many women are putting themselves at risk getting a back street abortion. Nobody knows when this problem will be solved, and until it is, abortion will always be a controversial and sensitive issue. ...read more.

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