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Abortion Arguments for and against

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Coursework Skill AO2 Abortion Arguments for and against Some Christian believes that abortions are acceptable if it is under the right circumstances. The child may be disabled or the mother may have been raped. The mother maybe unmarried and therefore may be unable to support the child. The mother maybe to young or to old to have a child and the baby may not be loved and cared for. Jesus said happy are the merciful. If we have mercy by allowing and abortion we would be having mercy on the mother and the child because the child may be born into a bad life and also the mother has the right to decide the Child's future. The Church of England says that abortion is morally preferable to any available alternative. ...read more.


Life is sacred so it should be allowed to live and breed. God created man and woman in his own image, we are a reflection of god so that means killing of the unborn child is like killing God or Jesus but allowing to the unborn child to live shows that we have mercy on God and Jesus and it shows we care and love Jesus and God. Euthanasia Arguments for and against Some Christian may respond by allowing Euthanasia to happen so that the terminally ill are able to put an end to all of their suffering. Euthanasia maybe acceptable because it can help those who are ill and unable to lead a proper life, put an end to all of their pain and suffering. For instance, the Diane Pretty story. ...read more.


Nurses would care for the terminally ill day and night. This may help by giving the comfort and love before the terminally ill die. Also the nurses and doctors would use their knowledge to help them control the pain of the terminally ill. Some Christians say that in order to get to heaven we must suffer and die just like Jesus did for our faith and us. To allow euthanasia would be like allowing Jesus to die. Those who ignore the vulnerable would be ignoring Jesus. Allowing euthanasia shows disrespect for life. But by looking after the terminally ill teaches other people the qualities of caring and understanding, whilst expanding the human soul's knowledge of love and compassion. The commandments say 'Thou shall not kill' so allowing someone to die would be wrong and disobeying the bible. Only God has the power to allow someone to die or not. We should not play god. Anthony Fairhurst 11 S ...read more.

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