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Abortion - Biblical Teachings

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Abortion - Biblical Teachings Abortion is a very controversial idea in our world today. Many people and church denominations have split views and opinions on the subject. Many churches refer to the Bible for help and guidance, however, the Bible doesn't seem to offer any definite answers to whether should find forgiveness to those who have had an abortion. The Bible teaches acts of forgiveness and loving others. The main principle behind the Bible is that we should not judge other people for whatever sin they may have committed, but leave that judging to God. Only God is at one with us intimately. And that we should only look upon people with a loving and kind response. We shouldn't criticise the speck of wood in others eyes, but look after the log in our own. This suggests that the Bible may teach us to love those who may have an abortion, and instead of condemning them, we should find it within our hearts to forgive, and try and help them to do the right thing. An example of the Bible showing us that we should find forgiveness within ourselves for other people, is the story about the woman who committed adultery. A woman was brought in to the temple by the Pharisees, and said to Jesus, "Teacher, this woman has been caught committing adultery, Moses commanded that such a woman must be commanded to death." Jesus said, "Any person who has committed no sin may throw the first stone". ...read more.


From a religious aspect, the rights and wrongs are determined from religious leaders or holy books. However, some denominations of a religion can sometimes be precarious, fundamentally, they just don't know. Does this make the answers to our curious questions legitimate? Personally I don't believe this opinion to be true. I believe the basic essence of life lies within love, The Love, The one Love, True Love. As I once read from a book, suffering is caused by the selfish attachment to material things in the world. To me, this signifies that if one could attach themselves to something in the world, then they would cause suffering to keep it. If people could learn to love another in the same way they love themselves, then suffering, discrimination, judgement and criticism would vanish from our world. This introduction leads me on to the subject in hand. Abortion, can it ever be justified? Of course it can. And anyone who believes otherwise is denying themselves of a free mind. If people sit down and think about the entire situation in hand, then maybe they can see through the limited perspective the human mind has. I can understand why some people may have a different judgement, a justification of why they believe abortion to be wrong. But I don't think they take in to account consequences, short and long term. Some people and organisations believe that an abortion is immoral, unethical. It is the destruction of a person, a living thing, or even a creation of God. ...read more.


They understand that if the pregnancy causes a threat to the mother's life, then an artificial termination is allowable. They are constantly faced with a problem. Although they have to respect the bible and its teachings, they also have to be loving, caring and compassionate. They realise that no-one is perfect and in certain cases, abortion is acceptable. For example, the Methodist church, believes that abortion can sometimes be the only solution to victims of rape. Although I don't believe in God or agree with Christianity, I'm pleased that an influential part of our society has understood the pain of many. As I stated above, I would like to think that abortion could be ceased if society took the liberty to help as many cases as it is possible. Like, for example, Cardinal Thomas Winning. He used money from the church and donations to set up funds for women who want abortions. He says that if women have problems with finance, then he will help them to set up a comfortable environment for unborn children and expectant mothers. This is a way of helping mothers overcoming the pain of having an abortion, or going through the agony of bringing up a child. The conclusion I have reached, is that women should have a complete choice to whether they want to have an abortion or not. No-one else should have to decide except them. A child should not be brought into an uncomfortable environment. However, I agree that we should help the expectant mother in any way, shape or form possible, to help abortion from happening. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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