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Abortion 'c' part

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C) ''Abortion is never justified'' This statement implies that in any situation or circumstance abortion is never the correct choice to make, and therefore should not be able to take place. This statement could also mean that even when the abortion is legally allowed it is still not right to abort a pregnancy. I disagree with this statement because in some cases whether they are extreme or not, abortion is acceptable. For example, if a woman was raped and then fell pregnant the women should be able to receive an abortion. I believe this because the baby would not have been conceived out of love and therefore would not have a loving and correct upbringing that I think a child deserves. ...read more.


It's severe cases like these when the mother should be offered an abortion that's hassle free, and with no stress. Also, if the mother's health was a risk her life is the main priority that should be saved. As well as this, if the mother's health was at risk and she went ahead with the pregnancy the baby may me lost at birth. Or even, the mother may die due to the health risks leaving the baby with no mother. Which is why if an abortion could take place, such consequences could be avoided. However, others may agree with the statement because they believe that life is sacred and so is a child. ...read more.


In fact, even if the pregnancy was not intentional, the woman's health was at risk or the foetus had an abnormality, Roman Catholics believe that the pregnancy should continue. The Islamic religion would agree with this statement because they also do not agree with abortion. 'Do not kill or take a human life which God has declared to be sacred. ' (Al'Quran Chapter 6,verse 151) This quote is in the Islamic holy book, and refers to the issue of murder that abortion is sometimes referred to as. It is because they are told not to take a human life that they see abortion as wrong and a sin and against their God. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Parsons Christian perspectives: 2a 2302 Candidate number: 4139 Centre number: 12912 ...read more.

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