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Abortion can never be justified

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Abortion can never be justified Christians all react differently to the issue of abortion. Some would say that abortion is murder because they would believe that life starts from the moment of conception. This follows a Roman Catholic Church view but not all Roman Catholics would agree. The mainstream Roman Catholic view is that life is sacred. They would say that life is God given and the only person who has the right to take life is the one who created it (God). If God has created all life then God is the only person who can take it away. So if a woman was raped then the Roman Catholic view would be to raise the child by "loving her enemies" Mark 12:29-31. This would mean that she would be loving her enemy, which would be the baby from her oppressor and love the child to give it a healthy way of life. ...read more.


Some Christians would argue that Abortion is Discrimination against the weak. Unborn babies cannot have a say in whether they would want to live or not and therefore to kill them is to kill someone who is defenceless. An unborn child has never done anything wrong so why should you kill it? Other Christians may argue that if a woman has used contraception and accidentally got pregnant then she should not have the child, as it was not her intention. Therefore she would be denying herself and by denying herself she is denying God's temple and denying God. Other Christians would argue that that was God's plan by bringing another life into existence and that you should not stop the will of God by having an abortion. There is no point raising a child if her mother was not able to bring her up in a loving and financial environment. ...read more.


It would not be fair if the child had to grow up without all the opportunities that other children have, and young mothers may find it hard to supply good lives for children. By making abortion illegal does not mean that people would stop having them. People would be forced to have 'backstreet abortions' meaning abortions that cannot be completely medically safe. This means this puts lots of lives at risk. To put many lives at risk is highly dangerous and Christians would argue it would not be fair to take a life when you can take a potential life. Personally I agree with the Church of England view. I think that abortion can be justified because I believe that someone should not look after a child if they feel they are not capable and then that would not be fair on the child. Some Christians may say that the child could be adopted by I would have to disagree as adoption can sometimes be very stressful and mentally traumatising. ...read more.

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