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Abortion discussion.

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Abortion The word abortion means someone leaving something like aborting a boat but in this instance I will be talking about aborting her baby(s). Women give up there children before they are born when they are just a little egg. The law says that after 24 days this process cannot be taken place for the woman, because the baby has started to develop some of the organs so it is more like a person breathing. So it is then more like death, and the doctors find it harder to get the baby out of the woman's body when it is 24 days old in the body. Most people think that abortion means different things some think that it is death some think it is an unborn life that is yet to live the life that his or her mother and father set for them. In this essay I will be considering the main points of abortion and look at what the different types opinions of the Christian community at this time in life, and also to think about this topic of losing or the death child that has yet to be born. Or why we as a community might pardon our beliefs for someone's reasons to go for abortion and not for someone else's reason to have the abortion. If there ever is a real reason why people give up there babies before they have the chance to see the light of the room, the sun around and breath the oxygen around them what is this reason and is it that important to have the abortion? ...read more.


The Catholics also believe that the child should have the same rights as the woman does in they were out of that body breathing oxygen. They also believe that abortion is a horrible crime that has been taken in to account like death. * The Methodist Church: This religion the Methodist Church believes basically the same as the Roman Catholics that the child is made in the site of god, and that life that about to be made shouldn't be taken away from that child. God died for them so they wouldn't have to die for fright or villains at this early stage of time in there life. So in this particular religion this where they strongly believe in god at moments of crises the Christian's think it is a sin to take a unborn child life away when they cant make there mind up for themselves whether if they want to be killed or not when they have done nothing wrong. Christians they say: "abortion is always an evil" they say this meaning whatever the circumstances for rape love or cost of for the protection abortion is never right and there is no excuse for an abortion no excuse for killing some one that has done no harm to any one else. * The Church of England: This religion believes there are to stories to everything in this topic they believed that abortions are not good or bad. Unlike other religions that think abortions are evil good the church of England do believe it depends on the circumstances at the time but not all abortions are evil if you asked a Christian that goes to the church of England they will say: "it depends on the reason why the woman is pregnant from the start." ...read more.


3. A physically or handicapped child can lead a rewarding life and give you joy to the family: Meaning that most people that have been handicapped have been to the top so why can this child and when they do they will make you proud. 4. Its not right to ask doctors and nurses to commit murder: Meaning abortions is like murder so why ask people that are meant to keep us alive to kill out children. 5. A foetus is a human being from the moment of conception and if left alone it will develop in to a person: Meaning why kill that baby when he or she will grow up in you if he doesn't why don't we try growing them in a worm inurnment much like the mothers. "Abortion is never justified." I don't disagree with this quote because so many people have there reasons i.e. rape, age, dieing ...est. Then in some cases there are different reasons if the woman just doesn't want that baby because it may be male or female then that is not justified because this is like saying I don't like that person because she isn't in my religion its being rasesist sexist. Some people may have strong views on this subject for one reason or anther i.e. it's there religion there parents told them and told them to bivalve nothing else or even they had to do it themselves. Then there is the other half of the nations and me who bivalve that this topic depends on the problem the circumstances of the serration situation ?? ?? ?? ?? Wendy 03/05/2007 1 Lovegrove ...read more.

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