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Abortion discussion.

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Abortion An abortion is when an unborn child is killed while still in the womb of its mother then removed. An abortion is usually carried out before the end of the 24th week of pregnancy. It can only take place if two doctors agree that: A) it may physically or mentally injure the woman or B) it may mentally injure existing children of the woman. The abortion can also be carried out any stage after the 24th week but only if doctors believe it may cause the death of the pregnant woman or if they know that the unborn child may be badly handicapped and in need of a lot of care. An abortion's correct name is a procured abortion. ...read more.


This is the end of the procedure, and also the end of a life. In some abortions, not many near the end of its original birth, the baby can be aborted when the woman is given a number of drugs: then a hormone injection-prostaglandin is administered. This begins labour and the baby is delivered through the vagina-dead. I believe that life begins when the babies' heart beats for the first time. This is because blood is what makes the bodies most vital organs work it also carries the hormones from emotion. Naturally life begins at conception. At the 3rd week the heart begins to beat regularly and the first foundations of the nerves system begin to evolve. By the end of the 7th week the skeleton and muscle structure is present, while fingers, toes and ears are complete. ...read more.


A handicapped person can still lead a happy, creative and fulfilled life. "Contraception is never a hundred percent reliable" they say if society to day concentrated on new forms of contraception and/or helped single mothers by providing counselling abortions wouldn't be needed. "What if a woman doesn't want a baby ever? Shouldn't we respect that?" is another question raised. Just because you don't want or need a baby, it does not give you the right to kill the child. It is discrimination against the week. "A foetus is only a potential human" yes it is a potential human, you are killing it and this is a form of infanticide. "But society has always had some form of abortion available." Yes this is true but isn't society not now concentrating on improving the quality of life? The bible also contains some verses concerning the taking of life and about god creating us. ...read more.

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