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Abortion from a Christian point of view.

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Abortion from a Christian point of view Abortion in Christianity is mostly considered to be wrong (especially in Catholicism) but is said to be right under some particular circumstances: A Christian may argue that 'God gave humans freewill to choose, does the law have the right to take that freewill away from a woman?' This statement is basically explaining that if God has given us freewill, why cannot the woman do what she wants for her own good or happiness? Another point that a Christian may agree with abortion is if the child is going to be handicapped. ...read more.


Furthermore it is acceptable for an abortion if there is a financial problem. If a woman gets pregnant even accidentally and is a teenager or currently has no job, it is acceptable for her to have an abortion. This is because she will not be available to raise the child with certain requests (i.e. food or milk) as she will not be able to afford the expenditure. A point against abortion from a Christian point of view is that it is considered as murder or as a crime (as said by Pope John Paul II). As John Calvin explained 'Abortion is worse than killing a man in his own house'. ...read more.


The life has been given for a reason and we should respect that person's life. Also all Christians believe that everybody has a right to live - even a baby and therefore that abortion is wrong. This is also reinforcing the fact of abortion as murder. A further reason is that Mother Teresa stated that 'The countries that proclaim abortion, or allow it, are really the poor'. This statement explains compares both the poor people that Mother Teresa helped and the 'poor' people that decide for an abortion. She is describing that those who have an abortion are morally poor. In conclusion there is mainly a balance of reasons for and against abortion but most Christians would agree against. I personally disagree with abortion mainly due to the fact that it is basically murder. ...read more.

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