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Abortion has not only become a moral issue but a legal tug-o-war since it was made legal in 1973.

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Abortion has not only become a moral issue but a legal tug-o-war since it was made legal in 1973. The famous "Roe v. Wade" court ruling stated " a woman and her doctor may freely decide to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester". Yet Pro-life (which are the people which are fiercely oppose abortion due to political and/or religious reasons) and Pro-choice (people who are for the women's right to abortion) advocates face off with what they believe should and shouldn't be a law. Abortion has grown to be quite a trend in the past 30 years. Some see it as a legitimate answer to a problem, and others see it as taking an easy way out at another's expense. Whatever your opinion we have to accept that its happening, about 25 percent of U.S women choose to end their pregnancy in abortion. An excess of 90% of all abortions are done because of personal reasons, reasons like economic problems, relationship uncertainty and the parents may be to young to parent a child. Another 6% is done because either the woman or the fetus has a medical problem and abortion would be in the best interest, complications like genetic defects in the fetus. ...read more.


"Shortly after conception a unique DNA code is formed, which will remain unchanged through the life of the fetus, and the throughout the potential life of the fetus. They might say that the presence of a unique DNA code converts the egg into a human person." Pro-choicers reject this idea and say that life may begin later in gestation and as to the DNA argument; a just fertilized egg contains the same DNA information as a hair follicle or a skin scrapping, yet they are not treated as a human person, so they both should be given the same status. Both are very interesting and valid points, but still leave us with the same question, when does life begin? Is it when a heart starts beating, when limbs begin to develop, or is it when the egg is just fertilized? Reva B. Sigler, a professor of law at Yale, talked about abortion in a lecture, there she read from 1880 medical journals that emphasized the separateness between the woman and the fetus. Meaning that a fetus has its own life, which deserves equal right and protection. If this were to be true, then whose rights are more important, that of a woman or an unborn child? ...read more.


Medical societies enforce regulations prohibiting abortions after 21 weeks of pregnancy. This is unless a medical problem has been discovered after the 21 weeks and abortion is necessary. "Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey" a case of 1992 founded the grounds that a parent or guardian be notified before an abortion on a minor. Though in " Belotti v. Baird" the court ruled that if a state requires that minors have to have parental consent, they must provide an alternative procedure to obtain authorization if the parents deny the consent or if the minor does not want to ask. Other state laws require counseling and/or cooling off period before an abortion is performed. They also decided to end financial support for poor women who seek abortions. These laws are passed in hopes to cut back the number of abortions. Maybe abortion does have its strong points, but every issue has positive and negative effect, but it is our job to figure if the negative effects are worth risking so that we can have a good outcome. Though all the points made by the opposing sides are equally matched, we are still left with the question, should abortion be legalized? Maybe it's a personal choice that we make our won with the help of our own moral beliefs, something that the lay should not meddle in. ...read more.

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