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Abortion is a controversial issue in society.

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Abortion Abortion is quite a controversial issue in society. Since the 1973 court ruling of Roe. V. Wade that abortions are legal during the early months of pregnancy they have become one of the most common surgical procedures in the U.S. There are several circumstances, which I believe an abortion to be warranted. One example would be an "unintended" pregnancy by a teenage girl who is merely a child here self and is too immature to raise the baby. ...read more.


In the event of an accident or premature labor, I believe abortion to be another answer if the woman might die, and/or the unborn "person" might not survive. Abortion sometimes are used to prevent the birth of babies with serious genetic defects, such as Down's Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, mental retardation etc. but most abortion are the result of pregnancies unwanted for economic hardship, a woman being to old, or social stigma. ...read more.


I believe that the embryo is a "person", at least in the mind of the parents from the time of conception. Woman must have access to a safe abortion regardless of the embryo/fetus being considered a "person". It is a woman's body and her decision to abort should be for the right reasons. If abortion is used as a last resort, it should be the woman's right to decide its fate. Abortion to me means the death of a "person" who would have been, and sadly is the end of dreams, hopes, and a life. ...read more.

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