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Abortion is a matter of life and death for an innocent human being.

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Today, more than twenty-seven years since the legalization of abortion, over 30 million legal abortions have taken place in the United State. Abortions were widely used as a form of contraception in Poland when the communist party ruled the country. More than100, 000 abortions were carried out each year in Poland. To me, this issue, which is more than a simple question of women controlling their own bodies? It is a matter of life and death for an innocent human being. An abortion is the termination (ending) of a pregnancy before birth, either by natural or artificial means. It is an issue many people feel very strongly about. People on both sides of the debate can become very heated and emotional. For some people abortion is nothing less than murder of an unborn child. For others, it's about a woman right to choose whether she feels ready or able to cope with bringing a child into this world. An abortion is the premature expulsion from the body of an embryo or fetus. Before abortions were made legal, many women went to 'back-street' abortionists. These were illegal abortions, often performed by untrained people in unhygienic conditions. The result was many women were seriously injured and approximately 30 women died each year. ...read more.


An abortion is infanticide (child killing). * If abortion is easily to obtain, they may be used as another form of contraception, that encouraging people to have casual attitude to sexual relationship. * Many couples would welcome the chance to adopt an unwanted baby, but abortions have reduced the number of babies available for adoption. * There are physical and mental risks for the woman who has an abortion. The operation may lead to sterility. Many women have suffered guilt feeling afterwards, which have resulted in depression and in some cases suicide. * There would be no need for woman to seek abortions if there was sufficient provision to help them overcome any emotional and financial difficulties the pregnancy will cause. The Bible does not make any direct reference to abortion. Christians have to decide when life begins before deciding whether or not abortion breaks the commandment not to Kill. Some Christians believe that abortion is murder because an abortion breaks the commandment 'Do not kill'. The Roman Catholic Church believes that life begins at the moment of conception and that everyone has the right to life. There are other Christians, such as Anglicans and Methodists, who believe that life does not begin until the baby has a chance of surviving independently of its mother. ...read more.


Being dependent on others should not deprive a helpless human being the fundamental right to live; we do not base humanness on whether another person is around to take care of that life. Trying to justify abortion by arguing that the unborn does not have this right is a form of discrimination based on age and the fact that they cannot speak for themselves. You should remember that a death occurs every time an abortion is performed (the death of an unborn child). Woman has control over choosing an illegal abortion that they know can be harmful. The unborn has absolutely no control when the mother chooses to abort. In addition abortion is a surgical procedure, and even though it is legal it still puts many women at risk. Many women suffer post-abortion complications, such as severe muscle damage plus damage to the uterine wall, which can lead to scarring, future miscarriages, entopic pregnancies. In addition induced abortion approximately triples the risk of suicide. There is no easy answer to this situation, and I do not think unwanted pregnancies are something to be taken lightly. However, I feel that the medical community should emphasize finding safe and effective birth control that would eliminate the need for abortion that would be the easiest solution. Hazera Begum 10N 1 ...read more.

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