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Abortion is a very controversial issue.

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Abortion Abortion is a very controversial issue. Pro-Choice think it's a woman's choice whether or not she wants an abortion. They don't believe that it's an actual human being but only a cluster of cells and that abortion should be legalized to stop 'back street' abortions, which are dangerous and unhygienic. ...read more.


3. During a scan they discover that the unborn baby will be handicapped then the mother may decide to have an abortion if she feels that the child will have a poor quality of life. 4. In the case of a teenage pregnancy, the girl would be better to have an abortion, as the girl would be unable to cope with parenthood. ...read more.


It is also very stressful for the mother as she may regret it after. Even those with mental or physical handicaps, they insist deserve the right to life. And with today's advances most children will enjoy a good quality of life. Many young girls, they point out, can cope if their family supports them. However if they don't feel they could cope they could always have their baby fostered or adopted. Lisa O' Donnell ...read more.

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