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Abortion is acceptable in some circumstances.

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Religious Education Coursework ~ Abortion ~ Section A Abortion is the word given to the simple ending of pregnancy before birth. This can be naturally caused, and is called 'spontaneous' abortion or the more common word of 'miscarriage' or it can be deliberately induced. A spontaneous abortion, if it is going to happen, usually takes place within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. An induced abortion is the deliberate expellence of the foetus from the woman's uterus. This has been practiced for over 3,000 years. Most induced abortions in Britain take place outside marriages. Christian teachings refer to the bible and teaching from their church, although in the Bible there are very little direct teachings about the subject of abortion and so Christians have to interpret what there is and make a decision, and so because of this a lot of Christians come to different conclusions. Christians are generally against abortion although some take a more hard and stronger opinion than others. Christians share with the Jews the belief that human life is sacred. This idea of sacrosanct life is called the 'sanctity of life'. Christian belief in the sanctity of life is central to a Christian understanding of the issue of abortion. If life is sacred, a gift from God, then it cannot be acceptable to take life. ...read more.


of the Church of England in 1983 stated that 'all life, including that developing in the womb, is created by God, in his own image and is therefore, to be 'nurtured, supported and protected'. However in February 1993 the General Synod of the Church of England passed a resolution on the subject of abortion, which was the first for ten years. This resolution, which was quite lengthy gave no stronger statement than that abortion is 'a procedure which should not be undertaken lightly but only after the most serious moral reflection', and referred to occasions 'when abortion has to be undertaken'. A number of major denominations, for example, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union have produced no resolution or agreed statement. Jesus said nothing about abortion but he had a special concern for children. He also taught much about the need to care for the weak in society, so many Christians feel that he would favour a law protecting the defenceless unborn child. The Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches take the firmest line against abortion. The present Pope has called abortion one of the 'abominable crimes' and a Russian Orthodox priest, Father Dmitri Dudko who was imprisoned by the Communist Regime, has said that abortions are never allowable just as murder is also never allowable. ...read more.


The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act states that no legal abortion can take place after 24 weeks except in the case of severe impairment of the child or risk to the mother's life, and so this is in accordance to my beliefs and way of thinking because I do not believe that a life of severe impairment is a life at all. Then again their have been many very successful disabled people in the world who have made something out of their life and have not let their physical or mental boundaries stop them in achieving their goals. An example of one of these people is Stephen Hawking who is the main genius of our time; he is extremely disabled and cannot really move any part of his body and has to type whatever he wants to say onto a small computer just so that other people can hear his thoughts. There are other versions of impairment though, would you like to be a child born into poverty or an unloving family? In conclusion, if you strongly belief in the sanctity of life then your view on abortion is most likely to be in accordance with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church teachings, but if you are like me and believe that a life of impairment is wrong and can not really be a life then you will accept abortion in some circumstances. ...read more.

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