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'Abortion is murder'

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'Abortion is murder' Abortion is a controversial topic among people, and among a religion. In Christianity some may believe that it is acceptable in some cases, but not in others, for example if the woman has had an unexpected pregnancy at a young age and the welfare for the child may not be a bright outcome if it was brought into that society. This is one extreme situation, but for most cases it would not be so simple to decide and judge whether it is fair or not to go ahead with the abortion. ...read more.


Roman Catholics seem to take a different view, that abortion is murder as it is a life given by God and made in "God's image" and that abortion should only be accepted in a situation with the life of the woman having the child to be in danger. In Sikhism it is also believed that abortion should not take place as in their culture people may choose not to have the child based on it's gender, if they know that they are going to have a girl and they wanted a boy. ...read more.


In conclusion there are many factors to be taken into account when an abortion is considered and I believe that it should not be done lightly. I would like to think that if I was in a difficult situation where I was not able to have the child myself when pregnant that I would give it up for adoption. All life is precious, and most people value that so it is best if adoption can be kept as a minimum, but I do not consider it to be murder as it cannot always be helped. ...read more.

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