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"Abortion is never justified"?

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"Abortion is never justified"? There are many points to take into consideration when responding to this statement and showing agreement or disagreement with it. This statement cannot be answered right or wrong. It is a matter of personal opinion. In this section of my assignment I will try and discuss why people may agree or disagree, what reasons there are for this view ( Bible quotes and similar teachings, but also practical reasons) , and how Christians will be split over this issue. People who disagree with this statement and believe that abortion is not murdering a child are often know as Pro choicers. They believe that in certain circumstances the life of the child is less important than the life and sometimes the wishes of the mother. They believe a woman should be able to decide whether or not to have a baby. This view does not have any direct support from the bible. ...read more.


However the Catholic Church are very unlikely to support someone in this situation, as they strongly agree with the question asked at the opening of the essay. There is one point where all the churches bar one, share the same view. If the mother to be, is pregnant as a result form forced intercourse, rape. Every denomination other than catholic usually agrees that an abortion is the lesser of two evils. The birth of the child may not aid the mental health of the mother after she has been raped. Just seeing the child will remind her of her ordeal. The Catholic church believe that adoption is a more suitable solution in this situation, as there are couples unable to have a family, who would be very grateful. I do not agree with this however, as the victim of the rape has all ready suffered, and should not have to give birth or carry for nine moths, a child that she does not want. ...read more.


To conclude my essay I would like to express my view in a greater detail. I believe that abortion is acceptable and can be justified in some situations. When an abortion is requested, I believe the reasons for the abortion should be evaluated by an impartial body. They should also consider the possible outcomes of the situation, if an abortion takes place, and if it does not . The woman seeking the abortion should not be the only person whose wishes are taken into consideration. The family and father should also be given thought . I do not believe an abortion should be granted to someone who seemingly only has themselves in mind. For example if a woman wishes to have an abortion because she is soon to be starting a new job, I believe she should be denied. I disagree with some people who believe that abortion is simply a last chance contraceptive. To sum up my argument I would say that abortion can be justified, but as each situation will be slightly different, the views, procedures and consequences should be carefully scrutinized beforehand. ...read more.

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