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"Abortion is never justified" Discuss

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Question 3 A. Question 3: "Abortion is never justified" discuss. The process of abortion is an incredibly sensitive issue and effects many people both political and religious. A large point of view is that abortion should never be justified and that life starts straight after contraception, so killing an unborn foetus is like killing another human being. But this opinion is not shared by many, as lots of people believe that it is the decision of the mother and that a foetus is simply a potential life. But the neutral view is that abortion should only be taken into consideration in the event of an extreme circumstance. ...read more.


use is that it should be up the mother to pick what happens to her baby as, until it is born, it is part of her, and she has every right to decide what happens to it. Another excuse which is used by pro abortionists is that life begins when brain activity begins, which is in the much later stage of pregnancy and that if the mother wishes to remove the foetus before this happens, then it cannot count as murder. One more argument, pro abortionists use, is that there should not be influence made by religion in any way and that it should be only be allowed with the permission of two doctors whether to abort the birth or not. ...read more.


Abortion can be incredibly dangerous for a woman; any mistake can be fatal and in some cases may even result in death. In many cases, the process of abortion has left the mother infertile and/or left the mother with extreme emotional problems. In my opinion, I believe abortion creates just as many problems as it tries to solve. Overall my opinion on abortion is that it should be purely up to the mother what they should do. Abortion is a personal thing and the decision to go through the process should not be influenced by anybody. I do not believe that religion should make abortion laws in any country, as it can affect the population, culturally. ?? ?? ?? ?? Year 11 Coursework - Abortion Joe Mills 2008 1 ...read more.

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