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'Abortion is never justified'. Do you agree?

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G.C.S.E. Course work Abortion C. 'Abortion is never justified'. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer to show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. Abortion is the termination of child in a mother's womb before birth. A question, which will always be argued upon, is whether abortion is justified or never justified. I agree with the statement that abortion can never be justified. I believe that abortion can never be justified as many debate that when the foetus is in side the womb it is not a person yet. Others say that it starts life from the day of conception. I personally believe that from conception the foetus is a child as it is building the characteristics of any other child, therefore if the foetus has life that makes abortion the murder of a child. ...read more.


The only cure for it is time. This shows that not only does having an abortion affect the baby but affects the mother as well. If the mother gave their child for adoption they may get more comfort as they are doing all they can for the baby to succeed in life without their natural mother rather than having to kill their baby ending it's destiny too. However others could say that to have an abortion could relief the mother as to have a baby mothers would have to sacrifice their job, work or even studies. This may mean the end to mother's ambitions unless an abortion was to take place. Others could say that abortion can actually change people's personality for the better, for example to become a more kind and forgiving person. Abortion is never justified, as it takes away the simple right of the child, to live. ...read more.


Just to be pregnant with a child is also a gift from God. From abortion the 5th commandment, 'Thou shall not kill' is broken and therefore to have an abortion is going against God. It is our religion to serve our purpose, too reproduce and look after the earth. In Christianity abortion is very wrong. However others from other religions may believe that abortion is the mother's own individual decision to make. They may believe that as the mother is priority it is totally up to her. Others may not believe in the Genesis and therefore due not think that we are any more sacred than other living creatures and that we only are superior to them due to our intelligence. In conclusion I believe that abortion can never be justified. I believe this as abortion is the destruction of human life and is against God and the 5th commandment. Life itself is sacred and to throw it away is a sin and a waste of potential good from the child. ...read more.

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