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Abortion is viewed as a medical problem in British law and policy.What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach?In Britain abortion is dealt with as a medical

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Abortion is viewed as a medical problem in British law and policy. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach? In Britain abortion is dealt with as a medical problem in law and policy. This means that the mother has a very small say in the abortion, the decision on whether to abort or not rests with the doctor. This attitude towards abortion does have both strength and weaknesses. Abortion means "the deliberate termination of human pregnancy", and when saying that this is viewed as a medical problem this means instead of being based on ethical issues the abortion is carried out for medical reasons. Initial focus in this essay will look into which is the most important and least important out of the strength and weaknesses of the view that abortion is a medical problem in British law and policy. This essay will also compare the British approach to abortion with the American approach, the American approach leans towards the mother having the final say in the abortion procedure. Some areas of discussion within this topic include greater protection for the foetus than the mother, other peoples responsibility (father and doctors), and variouse other ethical statements, and finally a conclusion will be drawn up. ...read more.


The weaknesses in the above paragraph are in Britain the woman does not have to make the choice of whether an abortion should occur, but some argue that this is a good thing since the woman does not have to be put under a lot of psychological stress. Furthermore the father has absolute no say in what occurs either, this gives the doctor all the power in making the decision. It must be remembered that 2 doctors who are specialised in the field or abortion must agree that an abortion is necessary before it goes ahead, this reduces cases of improper abortion taking place. The American system leaves the decision to the woman there are flaws in this system since the woman may not have enough knowledge to make the right and proper decision. Moreover the female must take responsibility for what happens in the United States and this could cause some long term issues such as mental decline. The view that doctors know best is, of course, true in terms of physical well being, however, they do not always take into consideration the woman's mental health, or indeed the mental health of the farther whether the abortion goes ahead or not. ...read more.


Conclusion In conclusion it seems that the medical stance of Britain does indeed have strength and weaknesses, however, the strength seem to out weigh the weaknesses. A woman's physical well being should be priortised over her mental well being since one can live with the mental hardships, but if you die through pregnancy then obviously one can not live with it. In the United States abortion is more of a controversial issue because women decide and not doctors. Many people especially religious people are opposed to it in America this is because it seems that people are using abortion as a sort of birth control (there has been politicisation of the issue. However, in Britain this is not the case and a purely medical stance is taken. This seems to be the best stance because, as mentioned earlier, if it was not then the media and public would speak out more like in America, but they have not, this suggests that this approach is more positive than negative. Doctors will take the decisions on a purely impartial medical basis, whereas the female will often be overly biased on either having or not having the abortion, this can lead to making the decision for the wrong reason by the woman. If the doctor makes the reason, then it will be made in the best interest of the woman's well being. ...read more.

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