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Abortion is when a mother decides that she can't go ahead with her pregnancy and decided to get rid of it.

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Abortion Abortion is when a mother decides that she can't go ahead with her pregnancy and decided to get rid of it. There can be many reasons why a mother wants to abort her baby, there might be a problem with the baby or the mother may be at risk herself if she gives birth. Every person has a different view on abortion and in ethics abortion refers to the international destruction of a foetus in the womb. All ancient views differ as they do now, Aristotle favoured abortion to control the size of a family, but the Hippocratic Oath prohibited it. Since 1967, when abortion was legalised, it has been allowed under certain circumstances, which are that it can be performed if two registered doctors believe that it will involve more injury to the physical and mental health of the mother or if the child would be handicapped by physical or mental abnormalities. Abortion first came illegal in the 19th century when the penalty for 'procuring a miscarriage' was life imprisonment. Women who were trying to escape the burden of an unwanted pregnancy were forced to use unreliable and dangerous methods, including poisonous drugs, knitting needles, soup or lead solutions inserted through syringes, and blows to the abdomen. ...read more.


A poll was set up in 1988 and asked 'Do you think that women should have the right to choose abortion in the first few months of pregnancy?' From these results, 86% of people who follow the Church of England believed that women should have the right to choose abortion and so these people do not completely follow their religion as the C of E say that abortion is wrong and that it denies the foetus right to life. In the Roman Catholic religion, over two thirds believed that women had the right to abortion, even though Catholics believe that abortion is totally unacceptable in all circumstances and so these results show that most RC's do not believe in what their religion believes in, in the case of abortion. With non-Christians there are 87% of Jews, 100% of Sikhs, 66% of Hindus, and 33% of Muslims who all believe that the mother has the choice of abortion, with those that do not have religious beliefs, 85% supported the right to choose and so some still do not agree with the right to choose abortion. This poll was a while ago and so compared to a poll in 2001 which showed that 65% of the people asked believed that if a woman wants an abortion she should not have to continue with the ...read more.


The part of this statement that says the 'people should not interfere' shows that God is in charge and has all the power with every living thing on earth and that he shouldn't be contradicted for his decisions. Christianity rejects the taking of innocent life and so abortion is considered a grave sin - essentially evil, and condemned absolutely by the Roman Catholic Church, as it goes against natural law and the World of God. A quote from Jeremiah 1:5 says 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.' This is saying that we are part of a plan and as God made this plan you should not break it. However Liberal Protestant Christians oppose abortion in principle, and advocate the preservation of life, but allow for abortion in certain situations (where the mother's life is threatened, in the case of rape or incest, and when the mother's metal or physical health is endangered). This different way of looking at abortion is one that I agree with as many people cannot handle being pregnant and if they are raped they may not be able to cope. Russell Marett ...read more.

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