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Abortion law in the UK

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Abortion Abortion: Description The word "Abortion " is used by doctors to mean any death of the baby that is still in the womb and its rejection from the body. Sometimes this process occurs naturally in women when pregnant and this is known as a miscarriage. The type of abortion that is usually talked about by the media is procured abortion and this is when the foetus is killed on purpose and expelled from the womb. Abortion law in the UK The Abortion Law states that it can be performed up to the end of the 24^th week But only if two doctors agree that: To continue would involve a risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman greater then the risks involved in an abortion. Or To continue would involve a risk of injury to the physical or mental health of any existing children of the woman greater then the risks involved in an abortion. The law allows for abortion at any stage: If the doctors agree that it would risk the life of the mother That permanent injury would occur to the mother physically or mentally That there was a risk that the child to be born would suffer from mental handicaps or abnormalities Methods Of Abortion Menstrual ...read more.


However upon asking friends who are Christians and also having a talk by Jerry Bendal this is not a unanimous view for Christians around the world. There are six main views used by Christians. 1. There is the view that people support "abortion on demand". Feminists because of the fact they feel the foetus is part of the woman's body so she should have control over it usually take this view. 2. Another strong view is that of those who believe that abortion is ok as long as it is done before the point of where the baby can live outside of the mother. 3. A strong view in America is that an unwanted baby is like some one attempting to break into your home. In America the law allows homicide in defence of your property. This is known as a justifiable homicide. 4. This next view was the most common amongst the Christians I spoke to. They believe that abortion is only justifiable in sever circumstances. These include when the baby may be born with severe abnormalities or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. 5. The next view is known as the realist view. ...read more.


Societies are setup made of people who feel this way to try and stop abortions. These include Life and the SPUC (The society for the protection of unborn children). Both societies have the same goals but go about it in different ways. LIFE gives counseling to pregnant women thinking about having an abortion. They do most of their work through church parishes. The SPUC on the other hand campaigns hard for the law to be changed by lobbying petitions and other actions. Then there are those who believe that in certain circumstances abortion is ok. This includes the three church groups already mentioned in this coursework. This is the great majority of people as if it wasn't the law would not exist. They believe that in circumstances such as if the baby was going to be severely handicapped, or if the pregnancy were due to rape or incest then abortion would be the lesser of the two evils as the baby being born would cause more harm. I personally am in the latter group. This is simply because if you ban abortions you are denying people a choice they should be able to make in a safe way. Also I also agree that sometimes it is the lesser evil and it should be taken as the option to go for ABORTION By Mandar. N 11DB 11X1 ABORTION FACTS ...read more.

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