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Abortion, legalised in the 1960's, can be described as the termination of the foetus before natural birth.

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Introduction Abortion, legalised in the 1960's, can be described as the termination of the foetus before natural birth. The potential life of the foetus or the 'growing child' is deliberately removed. Abortion is a very controversial and sensitive matter; as it raises many emotional, religious, cultural and law issues. This topic has been subject to many years of debate, some believe that abortion is inhumane, whilst others believe life has not yet been formed. Ai) what is meant by the word abortion? Abortion can be defined in many ways; as the destruction of a new human life, the deliberate removal of the foetus from the womb, or the destruction of a new life before it is sufficiently developed to survive outside the womb. Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb, which is performed by a number of alternative operational methods. However, if the mother's body naturally rejects the foetus and expels it from her body, this is known as a miscarriage. Abortion methods. Mifepristone: This takes place at 5- 7 weeks. It is also known as RU-486 or the "Abortion Pill." This chemical causes an abortion by interfering with the function of the placenta, starving the unborn child to death. Prostaglandin's (misoprostol, see below) are then administered to expel the foetus. This method of abortion takes place over the span of several days; the average woman using it bleeds heavily for more than nine days, but some women have bled for over four weeks. ...read more.


This means that each one of us should respect not only our bodies but everyone's bodies as we all contain the spirit of God inside us. Exodus 20:13 Thou shall not kill The simple fact that god has demanded not to kill any life, is reason enough for us to respect life, as it is sacred and holy. Therefore, if abortion is the deliberate removal of life from the womb it is considered murder, which means it is a direct violation of one of the 10 commandments. Jeremiah 1:4-5 I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations Children are a sign of God's love for us as he has blessed families with children, it also shows his desire to see his kingdom grow. The bible presents abortion as morally and religiously wrong. There are many Christian denominations and even though there are slight differences between them, there is no Christian faith that actually supports abortion. The Catholic Church is the only major world religion that condemns abortion and sees it as a serious sin. The church of England is similar to the Catholic Church as they both see abortion as wrong, however, they accept that there are situations in which abortion can be granted. An example of this would be if the mother's health was at serious risk. ...read more.


I respect this view but cannot really understand why people take it. An abortion is hardly cruel to an unborn as it cannot yet feel pain. Would it not be crueller to allow the birth of the child into a life where it would be beaten? The conception of a child being Gods will is easier for me to appreciate, as I can understand that deeply religious people regard their specific texts and teachings to be the up most truth. These texts may contain the wishes of God, however no one can make a certain decision on this. To conclude my essay I would like to express my view in a greater detail. I believe that abortion is acceptable and can be justified in some situations. When an abortion is requested, I believe a balanced viewed body should evaluate the reasons for the abortion. They should also consider the possible outcomes of the situation, if an abortion takes place, and if it does not. I do not believe an abortion should be granted to someone who only has themselves in mind. For example if a woman wishes to have an abortion because she is soon to be starting a new job, I believe she should be denied. I disagree with some people who believe that abortion is simply a last chance contraceptive. To sum up my argument I would say that abortion can be justified, but as each situation will be slightly different, the views, procedures and consequences should be carefully scrutinised beforehand. ...read more.

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