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Abortion - life is sacred?

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ABORTION It is the belief of many different people that life is sacred and that life should be valued no matter what age the person is or weather the person has got mental difficulties which came not be prevented many people feel that the best solution for this problem is having an abortion while the baby is still in the womb of the mother. Many people feel that it is wrong to have an abortion no matter what the circumstances are because they believe that it is wrong for a person to decide that a child should be aborted for its own life. ...read more.


These people believe that he mother and father should grateful they God has granted them the very special gift of having a child and with them deciding to have a termination it is going against God's plan for them. However this is only a small section of the anti abortion camp because a large number of the people believe that yes abortion is wrong and it cant be justified apart from in special circumstances with the examples, if a child was conceived through rape, if there is a danger to the mothers life during the ...read more.


On the other hand many people would say that there is many other exceptions when it is ok for an abortion to take place they say that if it is a very young mother bellow the legal age for sex then it is ok for that mother to have an abortion because she is possibly too young to have the responsibility of taking care of another life when they are having to be taken care of be someone else and unforchanitly many of these cases are true and are also becoming even more to apparent as the number of these cases are increasing ...read more.

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