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Abortion PSHE

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Abortion For my case study, I am researching abortion. I'll be analysing different acts and opinions behind abortion; taking into consideration all the major aspects. Abortion is when a woman decided she wants to terminate a pregnancy. Abortions are surrounded by many laws, religious and ethical issues. There can be a variety of reasons why a woman would choose to have an abortion. Some of these cases could be that: the woman was raped, too young to raise a child, or being unable to have financial or emotional support. In the UK, there are many laws concerning the issue of abortion. In the space of 24 weeks, two doctors must give their consent for the woman to have an abortion. This decision is based on circumstances such as a risk to a woman's physical or mental health, or a risk to the baby. ...read more.


Yes Yes Yes Thailand Yes Yes Yes Yes No Jamaica Restricted Restricted Restricted No No Denmark Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Germany Yes Yes * Yes * (illegal, but not punished) Northern Ireland[4] Yes Yes Yes No No Spain Yes Yes Yes * No United Kingdom (England, Wales & Scotland) Yes Yes Yes Yes No Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes United States Yes Yes Yes Yes Varies Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law From source 1, it shows that 55 million abortions take place every year around the world. About half of these abortions are performed in unsafe conditions - usually because abortions are very difficult to get or are illegal. Everyday, as many as 550 women die as a result of termination an unwanted pregnancy - according to the world health organization. ...read more.


But in some cases, abortions are allowed on a basis such as a woman's life is threatened by pregnancy. Sikhism In Sikhism, abortion is forbidden as its considered interference in the creative works of God. According to source 3, abortion surrounded by many ethical issues - including politics and law. The main argument is if an abortion is an act of murder, or if it should be available for all women. Abortions and ethical issues is a tricky decision. I feel that it is not a simple question of right and wrong, but it's dependant on the circumstances of the woman. Some people may agree that it is ethical if a woman with mental health problems terminates a pregnancy, but it could also be argued that is in unethical. The decision should be the choice of women and should be something that's available for all women, but hopefully something they wouldn't have to use. ...read more.

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