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Abortion, Should it be legalized?

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Abortion, Should it be legalized? Abortion is the choice of a woman. The right to choose to have an abortion is personal and essential to women's lives. With the right to choose abortion, women are able to enjoy the rights to fully use the powers of their minds and bodies. If one doesn't want to hold the responsibilities of a child then she should be able to have the choice of abortion. Couples choose the alternative of abortion so they can start or expand their families when they feel most ready and able to care for them. Other women may choose to have an abortion because pregnancy and childbirth can prevent them from keeping their jobs. ...read more.


Abortion isn't only a woman's right, it's a woman's choice. Abortion should remain legalized because if it's not legal many women will start performing them illegally, which will be even more dangerous as this may do serious harm to the mother and her body. Although some oppose abortion being used as a form of birth control, abortion should remain legal as it can have many advantages for women who are unprepared to have a child. Many argue that most of the aborted babies are unwanted. They believe that if they are carried to term and born, they would be abused and neglected. This is why abortion is all right to them. ...read more.


Years after having the procedure women may realize that they destroyed a human life and they bear in mind the strong guilt feelings long after their abortions. To conclude, both sides have strong arguments to defend their views. Unwanted pregnancies end in unwanted children. Aborting ends with the women left with the scar of having aborted the child. The though of terminating something that if left to run its natural course is a matter of the women's personal choice versus the protection of the fetus's life. However, whether abortion is legal or not, such practice will continue among us. The final word of whether abortion should be done is in the hands of the women who are willing to go through the procedure. Word Count: 603 ...read more.

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