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Abortion Should Not Be Made Illegal

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Monica McQuilter Abortion Should Not Be Made Illegal For years Abortion has been a controversial subject all over the world. In some countries like Britain it is legal, but in others such as Ireland in which many people have very strong religious beliefs it is illegal. This topic has been the centre of many disputes due to varying views over the globe. Abortion is a hard decision for women to make and many are criticised for it and can be disowned from their families. Women should have the choice whether or not they decide to keep the baby when they do become pregnant, and it should be no one else's choice. If abortion ever did become illegal it would be discriminating women all over the country and forcing them into an unwanted pregnancy. In Ireland where abortion is illegal many young girls travel to Britain to go through with the abortion, but some go to a ship which is just out with the Irish waters were they go through with the procedure this situation would most likely happen in Britain if abortions were banned. There would also be the high risk of back street abortions, which were around many years ago when abortion was illegal in this country. ...read more.


protest everyday for the government to make abortions illegal. Other religions such as Hindus also do not believe in abortions, but if women ever do get in the situation were they are contemplating an abortion then religion does not matter to them. One of these situations is if a young teenager or women of any age at that matter has been attacked and raped. Going through that experience is traumatic enough and many women have to go through years of counselling, but in a small percentage of cases these women become pregnant. If abortion was made illegal then these women would have to go through with an unwanted pregnancy and when the child was born all you would feel was hatred, and that is unfair for both mother and child. Another situation would be if the mother was HIV positive or had AIDS, then there would be a strong chance of the child contracting the disease. If abortion was illegal then these childrens lives would be ruined and the mother would feel uncontrollable guilt knowing that she passed this monster onto her baby. Many MPs think that if the public knew that these situations would happen it would highlight the use of contraception and would reduce the amount of sexually transmitted infections, such as AIDS. ...read more.


Scientists argue that at twelve weeks the foetus can feel pain and has all the body parts and internal organs it needs to survive, which is murder as it is a human being after this point, but instead of making abortion illegal, the government should ban abortion after twelve weeks. This case is used in many anti-abortion campaigns as protesters say that the unborn child can feel pain and in some cases it has been reported that the baby has been heard crying when it is being aborted. The protesters can take things too far when they are proving their point and in an Anti-abortion group in America, some women even killed a doctor who worked in an abortion clinic as they felt so strongly about the matter. If the government was to ban abortions then that situation could happen here in Britain as many women feel comforted knowing that they have the basic human right to be able to choose what happens in their life and that they do not feel as if it is a dictatorship. Abortion is a serious matter in every countries as there is opposing views everywhere, but is it right to be able to tell a woman that they have got to have a child that they do not want, if this did happen then the country would be overcrowded and the levels of poverty would rise. ...read more.

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